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Have you heard of VIPKID? Would you like to be a legitimate independent contractor for an international company?  Would you like to do a little something strange for a piece of change? We hope so!

We are Nomadic Wander and we would like to help you become an online English teacher for VIPKID. On this page you will find out a little about us and how we use VIPKID. What some of the Pros and Cons are and exactly what it takes to become a successful teacher for VIPKID.

About Nomadic Wander

We are Nomadic Wander and we LOVE VIPKID! We have been independent contractors with VIPKID for almost 2 years and we love this game.  The freedom, the reliability, and we really enjoy earning that USD (we both earn $21/hr) while we travel the world. In the past year we have lived in China and Thailand. We have vacationed in Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Beijing…..all while maintaining our contracts with VIPKID. There are no mandatory minimums hours that you must work. You set your own schedule – work as little or as much as you like – vacation when you decide to.

Work remotely or from your living room. Teach children in China English. Earn a little extra change or make VIPKID a staple of income. 

Use our link to apply and we will help you through the process and beyond.


VIPKID teachers get paid to recruit new teachers (yet another source of income to develop). We are invested in helping you through the hiring process and we are pretty good at it! If you want to become a VIPKID teacher and you want help with understanding and successfully making it through the process then use this link        to apply. We will help you through the hiring process and beyond. After you apply we will get a notification and contact you about the next step. We will give you access to our content and we will be available to you via Skype or email.

With VIPKID there are no mandatory minimums. In other words you work as much or as little as you like. Before moving abroad I only worked a few classes a week and I used the money to pay my credit card bills, the choice is yours. You are the author of your own schedule. Personally, we love the flexibility, reliability and above all things the income that VIPKID provides.  

What is VIPKID:

An online platform to teach English to children in China.

What VIPKID Teachers Do: 

We teach one-on-one 25 minute English classes online. We use detailed, company provided power point (type) presentations to teach students in China ages 4-14 years old English. We log into a portal and start teaching from the slides. It really is as simple as that.

Sample Slide 2
Login to a portal meet your student in the classroom and start teaching. Lessons are easy to teach. Everything is provided. Getting hired is a process that Nomadic Wander can help you with.

It is not difficult. The hiring process is much more difficult than the job.  It is layered and we will walk you through it!


  • Make your own hours (and vacation)
  • Build your own clientele
  • Be a Boss
  • Earn $16- $22/ hr
  • No Mandatory Minimums

Nomadic Wander is constantly on the move and we need flexible income that can accommodate our lifestyle. VIPKID fits us. There are no mandatory minimum hours that we have to work.  We set our own schedules, work as little or as much as we like and vacation when we decide to. VIPKID also offers additional incentives outside of the 25 minute classes that help us create different streams of income.

VIPKID’s Qualifications

  1. Ability to work in the US or Canada
  2. Bachelor degree in any field
  3. Teaching experience of any kind including tutoring, coaching, or mentoring – 1 year
  4. A computer and headset
  5. A high speed internet connection

We can help you create a resume that “fits the qualifications”. If you have your Bachelors degree and want to teach, talk to us.

Application Process

VIPKID Application Process has 4 steps and they generally take about 2 weeks to complete. You control the pace.

It involves a simple online form, interview, and coaching sessions during which you will teach ‘demo’ and ‘mock’ classes. These take some time to prepare for.

  1. Complete the basic application
    • Enter basic information and experience.   
  2. Do Your first interview, teaching a 10 minute Demo Class
    • You will teach to your interviewer (pretending to be a 5-year-old), or you can do a recorded version where you teach to an imaginary student. VIPKID provides the materials.
    • This interview determines your pay (know how to answer their questions and engage with your ‘5 year old’.)
  3. Teach Mock Class/Coaching Sessions
    • You will enter the certification center (teacher training), which has materials to help you prepare to certify for the level of students you want to teach (beginner or intermediate learners). Again you will be teaching an interviewer pretending to be a kid, but this time the lesson will be 25 minutes long.
    • Your interviewer will provide feedback for each session as you continue to gain comfort ability with the learning curve of (practice) teaching in an online classroom.
  4. Sign your contract
    • Sign your contract online once you have gained certification (step 3) and upload your documents (degree certificate, ID, etc.), photos, short intro video and bio. They will also do a background check.
    • Sign in to your new teacher portal and open time slots to start teaching!


Pay scaled for a 25 minute course. The scale is anywhere from $7-$9/ class ($14-$18 / hr). This is your base pay. It is called the “base” pay because there are other easily obtainable incentives that you receive.  If you show up on time and teach the class, you receive the Finished Classes Incentive which ranges from .80 cents/ class to $3.20/ class.  Snapshot of a current teacher: both of us currently make $9/ class and an additional $2/ class once we teach more than 45 classes in a month….which we always do. We each earn $11/ class or $22/ hr.

Salary Ranges w/ Incentives
Pros and Cons


  • This is a Beijing based company BUT you earn money in USD
  • Flexible schedule! Again, there are no minimum hours required to work.
  • Remote, work from home, or anywhere. This is great if you need a side gig, want to be a stay-at-home parent, digital nomad, or just work from home.
  • A community of teachers are available to help and support you. There are company monitored and teacher moderated groups to get updates, meet other teachers, post your own successes or inquiries. 
  • VIPKid offers continuous training and opportunities to grow your educational portfolio!
  • You create your own brand and build your own clientele
  • Opportunities for cultural exchange. You learn as much about their culture as they learn from you!


  • There are growing pains with a company growing at such a fast rate – like miscommunications and translation errors.
  • Building your clientele takes time, be patient building your schedule
  • You will have to be vigilant in addresses or correcting IT issues. This is all about knowing when and how to push back, if necessary.