Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Food Tour

Southeast Asia is a kaleidoscope of experiences; night markets, rice wine, barbequed “palmetto” bugs, specialized street vendors, multiple religions worshiped as one, and an unrivaled bike culture.  This little corner of the world has been a feast of culture and Vietnam was not exception.

We decided to experience the culture by delving into the food. We found a business called Saigon Back Alley Tours and went for it! Impressed a bit by their raving reviews on Airbnb and Trip Advisor and….. the opportunity to hang with a local who knows the ins and outs of real Vietnamese flavor we decided to jump in! 

Our first stop was in District 3 to try the delicious Vietnamese pancake. 
Bánh xèo – sizzling pancake – being done in front of our eyes. It’s a crispy pancake and a huge plate of greens with a flavorful mix of herbs and sauces.

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