These 11 Countries Are Welcoming Unvaccinated Travelers in 2022

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2022 Travel to Mexico during the Pandemic: What you need to know

Planning travel to Mexico during the pandemic might be easier than you think. With new travel restrictions enacted every few months, it can de difficult to keep up with the changes and requirements between your home country, airlines, and your destination country. Here’s what you need to know before you travel to Mexico:

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The Best Tools for Content Creators

If you are a creator carving out a living doing what you love, we applaud you . It is not easy out here. In this blog we wanted to share a couple of tools for content creators that could make your life easier.

First, yes, we will be hitting you guys with some affiliate links in this post – all of them helpful (we hope) and each one we also use. If you click on an affiliate link we will receive a financial reward if you purchase a subscription. You will not be charged any additional fees.

Next, if you are not earning money from your craft, Do Not purchase any subscription based program.Yes, it takes money to make money but first you need to be making money. You should know exactly what you need and how you are going to leverage it. There are free alternatives to most of the services I will mention in this article, please use them instead.

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Tonalá Is Home To Mexico’s Greatest Artisanal Market

One of my favorite pasttimes is exploring the artisanal markets of Mexico. When it came time to outfit our apartment in Guadalajara we knew we wanted to find the best markets in our vicinity. As we solicited our friends and natives of the area, we received overwhelming feedback to check out the town of Tonalá. We were told we wouldn’t be disappointed.

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