15 International Travel Tips

Soo, it’s time to roll and you don’t wanna look like an airport newbie? You want to fly the friendly Skies with style and travel-swag (gotta get a swagalicious travel bag fellas)? We wanted to share some of our traveling tips to help make your way to our wedding as comfortable and as fun asContinue reading “15 International Travel Tips”

FAQs for Travel to the Dominican Republic

Frequently Asked Questions about traveling to the Dominican Republic Most questions and answers were pulled from hispanola.com; follow the link for additional Q&As. Do I need a passport to go to the Dominican Republic? Yes Are there any fees I need to pay on arrival/departure? There is a US $10 Tourist Card fee you willContinue reading “FAQs for Travel to the Dominican Republic”

Immersion: True Value

  Two for one’s, We cop the tickets and run.  Catching a midnight flight, pursing dreams of sparkling lights.  Waking to an altered reality. Foreigners in a land, sojourners learning, adapting to new truths, striving to be affluent on a different continent…Time spent alone on the roam far from those comfortable places we called home,Continue reading “Immersion: True Value”