15 Things to do in Medellin: Making the Most of Medellín

Our trip to Colombia has morphed into a 6 month experience. It’s our first visit to Colombia and also our first time stepping foot in South America. We’re so excited to be here and are already planning escapades throughout this continent. I like to get ahead of myself, my eyes are often bigger than our budget and time window #doingthemost. Really, we’re just settling into Medellín and there’s enough to explore in our new backyard. So we secured an apartment with a short term lease and came up with our “Medellín Hit List” to start growing where we are planted and make the most of the time here. We are still planning see some neighboring countries and cites but we are starting with this list. Read more

How To Extend Your Colombia Tourist Visa Online

Colombia grants tourists 90 days within the country visa free! In fact,*Visitors can stay in Colombia for a total of 180 days in a calendar year.(Note: if you arrive on July 29th and stay 180 days it is reset on January 1st) There are 2 ways to enjoy those maximum number of days in Colombia. The first way is to leave the country when your 90 days are up and return to receive another 90 day tourist stamp in your passport.The second way is to apply for a visa extension while in Colombia. Colombia has made it quite simple to extend your tourist visa (tourist stamp) with their online system. Before you begin let’s get the required documents out of the way. Read more

Museum Antioquia: The Visit

We are having a good time here in Medellin! The food is delicious, the scenery is outstanding, the culture is deeply rooted and compelling. It is an adventure living our daily lives and enjoying what the city has to offer. That said there are some things that we want to do while we are here and one of our top 10 things to do in Medellin was to visit the Museum Antioquia. We did and it did not disappoint! Read more