Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sawadee Khrap! Chiang Mai was a great place to live. We have some wonderful memories there and we will definitely return before our tours around the planet are done… God willing 🙂 Chiang Mai was soooo chill because it was: easy to communicate with the locals easy to find a place to live that hadContinue reading “Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Home Tryouts..: Chiang Mai, Thailand

We visited the storied city of Chiang Mai back in February, during the Chinese New Year. We stayed for a few weeks and felt a certain type of way about Chiang Mai.  We liked it! Mind you, it wasn’t love…but we really liked it. It was more than practical. We held a depth of appreciationContinue reading “Home Tryouts..: Chiang Mai, Thailand”