Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Food Tour

Southeast Asia is a kaleidoscope of experiences; night markets, rice wine, barbequed “palmetto” bugs, specialized street vendors, multiple religions worshiped as one, and an unrivaled bike culture.  This little corner of the world has been a feast of culture and Vietnam was not exception.

We decided to experience the culture by delving into the food. We found a business called Saigon Back Alley Tours and went for it! Impressed a bit by their raving reviews on Airbnb and Trip Advisor and….. the opportunity to hang with a local who knows the ins and outs of real Vietnamese flavor we decided to jump in! 

Our first stop was in District 3 to try the delicious Vietnamese pancake. 
Bánh xèo – sizzling pancake – being done in front of our eyes. It’s a crispy pancake and a huge plate of greens with a flavorful mix of herbs and sauces.

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Things To Do: In Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam also known as Saigon was a good time for The Yarbro’s. It wasn’t exactly a love connection but it was a nice little get-away. The city is an orgy of sights, sounds, smells and delights. It is beautiful, seductive, compelling and alive. It was also overcrowded, dirty and brimming with poverty.  We needed to do a boarder run and decided to hit-up Vietnam just because and it was a good choice. We really enjoyed the mix of old french colonial architecture set in a modernist cityscape; lots of A+ street food stalls, open air markets,  modern malls and a shitload bevy of sassy little coffee shops ❤ . We really, really, really  enjoyed the food culture there. The local food was so f%$#’n unique and good! Their crops of spicy, broad leaf vegetables and savory herbs were the highlights of their local cuisine. The dishes were distinctive and delicious! -just pain ole good!

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