Aruba: NYE 2015

The entire island and the Caribbean Sea was on fire. Explosions were going off on every side of us. We were in the middle of a quiet neighborhoods residential street hemmed up. We had to remain still or risk walking through someone’s personal firestorm. It was beautiful.  It was violence. It was immense in its volume, everyone was aContinue reading “Aruba: NYE 2015”

Merida: Quintana Roo and the People

The Yucatan peninsula is full of fascinating beauty people and culture. A lot of places had that tourist vibe but once you fought through to the soul it was gorgeous.  This subculure for lack of a better word created a feeling of unrest as a spirit of despair no subservience no contempt subversiveness contemptuousness filledContinue reading “Merida: Quintana Roo and the People”

Merida: Orange Shirt Dribble

Sitting in another bus station. You’re not vacationing until you take that #tripintrip. It seems as if the Mexican bus station is the hotspot in every town. This one is taking us to the Dzitilchaltun ruins…. of course we are at risk of missing the bus we both needed to use the bathroom we agreedContinue reading “Merida: Orange Shirt Dribble”