About Us

Hi! We are The Yarbro’s! Welcome to our travel blog; our portal to the rest of the world. We are a married couple who LOVE to travel…. so much that we quit our corporate 9-5s and found a way to do it full-time. It is a wanderlust that moves us and a bit more as well. We are displaced, looking for our place in the world (#Weirdos). We are amazed by the world’s gifts. Civilizations, natural wonders, diverse cultures and the world’s people in general mystify and amaze us. We look to be in the middle of it all as we look for our place on this cosmic odyssey.  We hope you will ride with us as we explore the world and the different possibilities of our future.

We are currently traveling teachers. We teach English in different countries around the world. We also teach children in China through an on-line company called VIPKid.  We are writing books and delving into the e-commerce universe all of which we hope will feed us and our kids to come.  Here’s the capper. Last year our combined income was less than one of our incomes when we were in the states and we were able to save more than we ever have in the U.S.  How in the World!!!

-So that’s Us! We slow travel; moving from country to county and city to city, avoiding the touristy places (mostly) and living among the people. We take our time, live our lives and attempt to take it all in.


Learning and observing cultures one city, one lease and one passport stamp at a time.

Nomadic Wander