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Los Cabos has long been the ‘it’ spot of Mexico. It’s been called the Billionaire’s playground for attracting celebrities, athletes, and well to do retirees from around the world. If you want to experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous…head to Cabo. Despite Cabo being one of the wealthiest regions in Mexico there’s still plenty to enjoy for the budget minded.

How to Get There

Los Cabo is located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur. Los Cabo is made up of two cities – the popular resort town of Cabo San Lucas and the lesser known (equally beautiful) San Jose del Cabo. To get to either city, fly into the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) in San Jose del Cabo . From there, you can grab a certified taxi or shuttle from the airport to your destination. Shuttles charge anywhere from $19 for a shared ride per person upwards of $75 for a private shuttle or taxi. Bonus points if your accommodation can arrange for airport pickup.

Uber is our preferred method of travel in Mexico and while it is available and operating in Cabo, pickups at the airport is the exception.

divorce beach cabo san lucas

Sand & Surf

If you’re not interested in some of Mexico’s most amazing beaches then I’m not quite sure why you’re here. One of the most iconic visuals of this area is the breathtaking shoreline. You’ve got a few options to sink your feet into. The most popular beach is Medano Beach. Medano Beach is situated next to the Marina and is the center of beach activity in Cabo. This cresent shaped shoreline is lined with high end resorts, luxe beach clubs, and great al fresco dining options. It’s also the hub for a variety of watersports, rentals and seafaring adventures.

Take a $20-$30 water taxi from Medano Beach to explore two remote beach fronts on Land’s End. Land’s End is home to a few iconic spots, namely the natural arch and unique rock formations at the peninsula’s tip. On the Sea of Cortez side you’ll find Lover’s Beach. Our tour guide shared that this name comes from the warmth of the water and calmness of the waves which caress you like a lover. The other remote beach, Divorce Beach, is situated on the Pacific side. The waves on this end are extremely rough and too dangerous for swimming but the beach is equally stunning.

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Cabo San Lucas is full of fun and afforable water activities that can easily be accessed from the Marina. This is the first place to head to for those looking for water related tours and excursions. The marina is also the spot for animal encounters at Cabo Dolphins Center as well as a great area for eateries and bars on an energetic boardwalk. During the months of December and March, visitors can go whale watching in the bay as humpback whales migrate to the area to give birth. Year round activities include kayaking, standup paddleboarding, jetsking, glass-bottom boat tours to Land’s End, sunset tours, party cruises, snorkeling, and the list goes on. You can even rent a yacht from $200 a hour. Cabo knows how to enjoy the water! We participated in tours through local operator A1 Cabo and thoroughly enjoyed the service and activities!

marina medano beach cabo san lucas


Massive rock formations are a part of the skyline of this piece of Mexican paradise. A huge upside to the scenery is that you can climb it…for free! Two great hikes to indulge in are Mt. Solmar and Cerro del la Z. Both hikes are great for anyone with a moderately healthy lifestyle that reward you with amazing views of the city for about 25 minutes of work.

Mt Solmar is located on private property that can only be accessed Sun – Fri at 8:00am. Entrance to the trailhead is through a facility identified as ‘Dog Training Camp’ on google maps just south of the marina. Be sure to arrive before gates close at 8:15am, at which point the owner of the training camp locks up and leads the trail with dogs in tow.

The trail of Cerro de la Z can be easily seen all over Cabo due to its ‘z’ shaped path. The path is already cleared out, making this a relatively easy ascent and an easier descent. People regularly enjoy this trail from dawn till dusk.


Every major tourist destination has a “strip.” This is the main area to have a great night out on the town. Most of the activity in Cabo San Lucas surrounds the marina and the strip is no exception. On any given night, you can easily find this area by it’s glow, it’s fluorescent lights, and loud music. Bars, clubs, restaurants and souvenir shops line this area and beckon partygoers to a good time.

Cabo Wabo Cantina is a nightclub, restaurant and bar all in one and a must-visit while in Cabo. El Squid Roe is another popular restaurant and party spot to enjoy

Here are a couple of honorable mentions for your time in Cabo.

Visit Baja Brewing Co for best views and brews in Cabo. The entrance is a little tricky as it’s through a hotel but the view is worth it.

Coffee lovers can head to The Cabo Coffee Co for a great cup of local coffee.

Check out our time in Cabo below.

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