More Vaccine Free Countries Open for Travel in 2022

It’s 2022. Another covid variant is making its rounds and countries all over the globe continue to make strides towards opening their borders in this new era. Some countries have continued to restrict entry to vaccinated travelers. Despite that, the list of countries opening their doors is steadily growing. Here’s a second list of more vaccine free countries open for travel in 2022.

*Note: Many countries require some type of Health Declaration form, Locator form, or the like for entry in addition to covid related entry requirements. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check out travel requirements ahead of time. Visit i-visa or country specific government websites for the lastest information.

Costa Rica

¡Pura vida! Costa Rica boasts jungles, volcanoes, and beautiful beaches on both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts. As a result, this Central Amerian nation beckons adventure and relaxation. There are zero tests needed before or after arrival. Also, there are no current vaccine requirements. While vaccine free travelers are welcomed here, they will need to show proof of medical insurance that covers covid related expenses. Vaccinated travelers do not need to show proof of insurance.


Panama has long been a popular Latin American country. It attracts countless travelers for tourism and as a hot retirement destination. Panama has a lot to offer for a diverse range of lifestyles. Visitors can find modern, high quality anemities and cosmopolitan vibes in the bustling capital of Panama City. Visit the beautiful island of Bocas del Toro or check out the colonial town of Santiago among numerous other great cities. For entry, vaccine free travelers will need a negative PCR or antigen within 72 hours. Some travelers may require quarantine if transiting or spending time in certain ‘high risk’ countries.


Jamaica is a favorite destination for people from around the world. This Caribbean nation is known for its great rum and cuisine. However, it is also known as the land of adventure and is home to several amazing resorts. Jamaica is open to all travelers that take a PCR or antigen test 72 hours before arrival.

Dominican Republic

Another tropical destination is the Dominican Republic. The D.R. attracts lots of tourists to the resort city of Punta Cana. Consequently, this country offers beautiful seascapes, colonial cities, coastal towns and more for those who choose to wander. People arriving from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and a few other countries do not need a negative covid test to enter the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, there are a few African countries that are banned from travel to this destination. Check ahead of time to ensure if travelers from your country need a PCR/antigen test or are banned.


The island paradise of Curacao is known as a great destination for scuba diving. Travelers to Curacao must present a negative PCR test 48 hours before arrival. Additionally, travelers must pre-book another covid test to take on Day 3 of their stay. Positive test results will result in a quaratine period.

South Africa

The southern most point of the African continent is the country of South Africa. It is known for its natural beauty, varied landscape and cultural diversity. Travelers will need to present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure.


Namibia is an adventurer’s playground. It boasts some of the most spectacular views in the entire continent. Namibia is full of natural wonders. This country offers amazing wildlife viewing, other-worldly landscapes, and dramatic coasts. Similar to South Africa, Namibia requires visitors to present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure.


Visitors and nomads flock to this country for it’s generous tourist visa – up to a year for US citizens. Albania offers an affordable cost of living and a welcoming disposition towards all nations. This eastern European country is full of mountains, castles, and ancient ruins to explore. Visitors to Albania need to meet one of the following requirements for entry: proof of vaccination, proof of negative PCR test taken within 72 hours, proof of a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours, or a letter of recovery.


Serbia is known for its delicious cuisine, plum brandy, and rich culture. The capital city of Belgrade is the country’s economic and political center with an energetic atmosphere. Vaccine free visitors (and visitors from the US) to Serbia will need a RT-PCR or antigen test within 48 hours prior to departure. Fully vaccinated travelers are exempt from a covid test. Travelers from certain African countries require testing on arrival and on Day 7 of their stay.


Norway is the country of the midnight sun. It also ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. In order to join in on the fun and the spectacular outdoor adventures, vaccine free travelers must present a negative PCR test 24 hours from departure. Although, ALL travelers must take a test on arrival (and upon leaving) regardless of vaccination status.


Popular amongst tourists and digital nomads, Portugal’s borders are open. Portugal is known for its port wine, delicious seafood cuisine, and beautiful coasts…to name a few. For all travelers, Portugal requires a NAAT or PCR test 72 hours before arrival OR an antigen test 48 hours before arrival. Travelers who have spent time in select African countries 14 days before arriving in Portugal must take a PCR test on arrival and quarantine for 14 days.

United Kingdom

The U.K. has long been a world power and major hub of business, finance and travel. As of February 11th, vaccinated travelers will not need to take a covid test for entry. Vaccine free travelers will need to take a PCR or antgien test 48 hours before arrival to the UK. Additionally, vaccine free travelers must pre-book PCR tests on or before Day 2 and on or after Day 8.


Home to the Emerald Island, Ireland lives up to the legends, libations, and landscapes. The only restriction standing in the way of vaccine free travelers is a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.

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