The Best Tools for Content Creators

If you are a creator carving out a living doing what you love, we applaud you . It is not easy out here. In this blog we wanted to share a couple of tools for content creators that could make your life easier.

First, yes, we will be hitting you guys with some affiliate links in this post – all of them helpful (we hope) and each one we also use. If you click on an affiliate link we will receive a financial reward if you purchase a subscription. You will not be charged any additional fees.

Next, if you are not earning money from your craft, Do Not purchase any subscription based program.Yes, it takes money to make money but first you need to be making money. You should know exactly what you need and how you are going to leverage it. There are free alternatives to most of the services I will mention in this article, please use them instead.

Dynamic Graphic Design Tools

Canva is one of our most used programs for digital artwork, thumbnails, ebooks, video graphics, pic manipulation and the like. Its awesome, easy to learn and it’s superbly diverse. It also has its limits though….. its a manipulation tool that you can let your creative style run wild with.

Placeit is a powerful dynamic, clean and professional tool with wide reaching capabilities.  We use it for stunning video intros, logo flashes, product mockups, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook stories, commercials and banners. This is also one of our go to apps and we get A LOT of mileage out of the subscription. We love the simple, intuitive interface. It has a lot of drag n drop capabilities that are super creative….and everyone will attribute it to you….psst, psst! Hey, there’s also copyright free music to use in the app.

Sound Effects and Music

There are lots of ways to get free copyright free music. There aren’t too many places where you can digitally store your favs and have access to your library whenever you want. We have been using Epidemic Sound for the past year and are currently evaluating Artlist. Artlist is edging out the competition in regards to a newer sounding catalog of music. We have been evaluating both of these services and are leaning toward Artlist for particular projects. Artlist’s shortcomings are its lack of stems.

Epidemic Sound gives you full access to baselines, melodies and the complete song. This is excellent in so many instances…like building anticipation or revisiting a familiar scene…the flexibility is nice and they have a large enough library to keep your projects fun and engaging but honestly a lot of their music sounds dated. Let’s just call it out, EVERYONE is using them so finding original music can sometimes be challenging.

Those are my pros and cons. Love Epidemicsound’s flexibility. Love Artlist’s modern edge.

If I were doing documentaries and super traditional vlogs I’d go with Epidemic Sound. If I were doing reaction videos, or sonic vibes scenes/videos, I’d definitely go with Artlist.

As a creator I don’t often listen to apple music or spotify. I make playlists in my apps and rock out to artists people have never heard of lol and I love it.

There are lots of useful tools for content creators to help take your skills to the next level. These are just a few to help you get started. Check out our resources page for more.

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