Cost of Living In Guadalajara, Mexico – 2021

Shows couple pointing to pesos to highlight the cost of living in Guadalajara costs.

It is costing us, a family of two, $1,558 to live in an upscale 2bdr/ 2bathrm apartment in a suburb of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico!

We lived in the Yucatan for a little over a year. It was a wonderful place to save money and experience the culture of the Maya. When we left we had no intentions to lower our cost of living. Our move from Merida, Yucatan to Guadalajara, Jalisco was for a perceived higher quality of life. One filled with a diverse variety of things to do, places to go, foods to eat and cultures to experience. We found that and much more in Guadalajara along with the opportunity to explore more of Mexico! Below is the Cost of Living in Guadalajara!

Disclaimer: The Cost of Living varies from person to person and from family to family. This list is for two adults living comfortably in Gdl. Our list will show the most expensive line item from our budget first and then proceeds in descending order to the last item in the budget. We hope this helps you to prepare….

Cost of Living in Guadalajara

Monthly Expenses

  • $750 Apartment – 100 m2 , 2 bdrm/ 2 bath, suburb of Guadalajara w/ great views of the city
  • $350 Groceries – shopping primarily at Costco and Sam’s Club for bulk items and Chedraui, Soriana or Fresko for supplemental items
  • $100 Delivery Services – fast food or corner store items (the convenience of these services… #addictive)
  • $100 Entertainment – museums, zoos, local excursions, plays….
  • $90 Transportation – $90 to Uber; its pretty much the only transportation service we have used
  • $50 Gym – Membership ($25 per person)
  • $35 Internet – 100 mbps fiber optic connection through Total Play
  • $25 Electricity – bill with daily use of a/c
  • $20 Phone – bill for two, pay as you go through Telcel with data
  • $15 Laundry – clothes cleaned and folded with next day pick-up service
  • $13 Water – $3 for city bill and $10 drinking water delivery
  • $10 Gas – cooking daily 2-3 meals

$1,558 Total Expenses to live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Check out our detailed break down in the video below as well.

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