Restrictions in Merida: Covid-19

We have been in a state of High Alert: Lock-Down for the past 2 weeks  here in Merida in the government’s attempts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

In addition to ley seca (dry law, alcohol prohibition) there are some other restrictions in Merida due to the state of High Alert caused by Covid-19. Here is our list of restrictions pertinent to us, as expats. This list was composed on August 3rd 2020

  • Curfew: from 2230 to 0530 no vehicular or foot traffic is allowed in the city for anything other than essentials
  • Ley Seca: no alcoholic beverages will be sold in the Yucatan until August 15th
  • No restaurant shall be permitted to allow dine-in services on Saturday or Sunday
  • No restaurant shall exceed 25% of their maximum capacity Monday-Friday
  • All businesses open to the public shall fully comply with strict social distance and hygienic rules to remain open
  • Malls are not open
  • All cultural events have been canceled through the end of the year  (canceled since March 2020)

There are several more detailed instructions and restrictions that do not directly affect us expats.

In other news

That is the update. We were visiting family in America when these rules were enacted. We noticed a much heavier police presence when we returned. We arrived in Cancun and as we entered the Yucatan from Quintana Roo there were additional checkpoints set-up and they actually searched our belongings at one of these check-points. It is a serious situation here in the Yucatan. The gravity of the situation can be seen and felt as you walk the streets. We were recently stopped on the streets and questioned about where we were going, where we were from, where we live… and we were required to give detailed answers. It is situation serious here.

Mexico 🇲🇽 operates off of a traffic-light system. Which takes into account the number of available hospital beds, rate of infections and mortality rates. The level of the alert directly correlates to the freedom of individual movements and restrictions of a given state.

  • Red, maximum alert.
  • Orange, high alert.
  • Yellow, medium alert.
  • Green, low alert. 

The Yucatan is currently in a state of High Alert: Orange

There is not a whole lot to do around the city. Our daily lives are filled because we have each other and this is one helluvan adventure. We barbecue once a week. We stocked on ALOT of alcoholic beverages. We have some good books we picked up while we were in the states. Our days consist of a daily walk,  workouts, trying new recipes, building our blog and video presence, watching Netflix and being mindful of our surroundings (and trying to help as much as we can). We are comfortable riding out this pandemic right here in Merida.

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