10 Flying Tips in a Time of Covid


Even in these uncertain times people still need to fly. If its a border run to renew a visa, an urgent need to see a relative or maybe you are lucky enough to be heading to a place that accepts the U. S. Passport. Either way there is a smart way to travel during these unprecedented times we are living in. While corona is messing up everyone’s plans lets do everything we can to keep ourselves and everyone around us as safe as we can.  We just had to do a border run and came back with a slew of suggestions for anyone flying during the time of Covid.

10 Flying Tips In a Time of Covid   

10 Flying Tips in a Time of Coviid
  • Book direct flights to your destination.
  • Book a red-eye flight if you can handle it! They are always less packed…and generally less expensive
  • If you have access to covid testing. Take the test and carry your negative results with you.
  • Take transportation directly to the airport.
  • Check airline protocols. Make sure protocols state that everyone has to wear a mask and ask if every other seat is vacant or what social distancing practices they’re following.
  • Sanitize your area on the plane especially the food tray and seat-belt buckles (covid or not).
  • Wear masks and face shields in crowded areas especially in the airport (coronavirus can enter through the eyes…).
  • Change out of your travel clothes as soon as you have the opportunity.
  • Maintain safety protocols while at your destination to ensure you are able to return with no screening problems. 
  • After you’ve done all you can do, relax your anxieties and enjoy your flight.

If you go into a hot zone like we did (Florida) be sure to self quarantine 14 days upon your return #conscioustourism. Don’t allow anxieties to ruin your trip. Do all you can to protect yourself and your neighbor and enjoy your travels.

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