Covid-19 and Merida: Why Its Still a Great City

Merida is still a great city. It could be proving to be even better than we originally thought. Covid-19 has caused this city to shine.  We are learning a lot about Merida while living through the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine here. The “time-out” that the world has been forced to take has helped us to open our eyes and understand Merida, the city, on a more intimate and political level. We are definitely more tied into the politics than we ever wanted to be. As foreigners here during a virus attack that is primarily brought here by foreigners we are also very tuned into how the people are reacting to our presence.

Merida is well known as the safest place in all of Mexico and this experience, living here through a deadly pandemic has shown us why. Here are 5 things that we have learned about Merida while we have been quarantined here.

  1. Hospitality: Local hospitality in regards to places we have visited is unmatched.
  2. Preparedness:  Merida had several tools at their disposal for a time such as this #grateful. The city was able to shutdown and still not lose the high quality of life that it offers for a relatively cheap price.
  3. Local Government Authority and Responsiveness: the local government’s response was quick and divisive
  4. Consciousness: The people on the street, in our neighborhood, working in the grocery stores….the common man and woman have been treating this pandemic with the respect that a deadly airborne virus deserves.
  5. The Safest Place to Live: This has proven to be the safest place to ride out this pandemic for us.



Escargot Panaderia Francesa owner delivering our delicious goods!

First, I must say that I view this is a travelers disease. The way that this pandemic is spread from community to community is by way of the traveler moving to and fro. The heaviest areas of infection here in Merida are the areas that are filled with expats. That said, we have not felt any negativity, prejudiced or angst against us here. Originally, when we moved here there was a feeling of indifference that some of the population exhibited. Since the onslaught of covid-19 it appears that people are letting their humanitarian sides shine through. There has not been a backlash that we have felt; in fact, quite to the contrary. We feel the genuine warmth and compassion of the people that we are in contact with. Including our landlord….but of course we’re giving him money but he still asks about our family and tells us about his. These people are solid and we are better people for being around them.




Ambulances being equipped with ventilators.

The response of Merida’s people, the response of businesses and the government here was and is an #AllHandsOnDeck mentality. Well that is the way it seems from an outsider looking in. There were already a lot of phone applications and services to make your life more convenient here. With the coming of this virus the existing applications were modified and new ones were created so that people did not need to leave their homes for much of anything. Runners were made available for grocery shopping, getting medications or something like protein powder from a health food store. Apps were also made to consult physicians without needing to leave your home.


Effective Government

The response of the government here in the Yucatan was, as I stated earlier, swift and effective. They were early to close schools, public areas, gyms, bars and the like all ahead of the official quarantine. Since the quarantine began it also ceased the sell of all alcohol and they have extended that ban twice. In busy areas they shut down entire sections of avenues. All grocery stores have one way in and one way out….. the list goes on and on. The government wanted to reduce all transit activity by 70%. When we venture out, we see that they have met their goal.



Apart from loud cries for the alcohol ban to be banished the people here in Merida have been by and large compliant. One could even say that they have been aggressive in safety measures. Once the news of the Coronavirus Pandemic broke everyone around Merida was wearing masks, our gym began checking temperatures for entry, store clerks were sanitizing people as they entered the stores. This was before a case of the virus had been diagnosed in the state. These were proactive measures that the people enacted. It really made us feel safe, to be around people that understood the gravity of this situation.

“We Wear the Mask” –Paul Laurence Dunbar

Safest Place In Mexico

Merida has the undisputed reputation of being the safest place in Mexico to live. It has the lowest crime rate and high arrest rates. It is equipped with surveillance cameras and a police presence that is unmatched. With all of that activity, how did its reputation protect it from a deadly virus? Well it is my opinion that its reputation of being the safest city in all of Mexico helped shape some of the Yucatan Governor’s actions and policies. It being the safest place is one of its claims to fame and I don’t believe he wanted to diminish that reputation in any way.


We feel safe. As safe as anyone can feel at this moment in time. The world has changed and while it is changing Merida is a better place than many to be. The leadership here is strong and effective and the people are intelligent, informed and mutable. We like it here and so far this has been a good move.


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9 thoughts on “Covid-19 and Merida: Why Its Still a Great City

  1. Hello. I think your website & videos are fantastic! I also think you are two very kind hearted, adjusted & lovely people. You inspire me and for – thank you. I have visited Merida many times over the last 5 years & for the past 15 years have been saying I am going to move to Mexico. Being stuck at home in Miami, successfully delegating work amongst my employees these past few months, has made me realize now is the time, at 47 years old, to follow my heart and not wait any longer. It’s quite disenchanting what is going on here socially and economically, and mostly I am sad how people seems to have forgotten that we have some much in common as the focus here is on hatred and sheep / follow the leader mentality. I was in Merida two weeks ago to handle a little business and realized the time is now for me. I came home, was tested for Covid (not ill, just as a safety measure) and started to prepare my house for sale and get organized. Merida here I come. You both are so inspiring! Thank you for this. BVe safe and keep smiling, its infectious! (the good infection).

    1. Wow! Thank you for the tremendous compliments! All we want to do is inspire people to live out their dreams. I am very excited for you to be taking the next huge step; committing to The Move. That is awesome! You are embracing a whole new chapter. Best wishes. If there is any content we could produce to help your journey along please let us know. PS – we’ll keep our smiles intact lol

      1. 7/27/20
        Hi. Thank you for your message. I am a bit confused by some content you posted recently. You said the border is closed, yet you were able to fly into Cancun. Are the airports open and flights running between the US and Mexico now? Or have they been canceled / closed down since your return? Hoping you may advise. Thank you.

      2. Some of the land borders are closed but air traffic has never ceased. Flights are running between the two countries.

      3. Hi. Just saw your video & your comments on the prohibition.
        I will be flying to Cancun and driving to MID next Sunday. If you wish to have me carry a bottle for you Im happy to so do.



  2. Hi guys!,
    I have become like so many around the world, an arm chair traveler. I love following your sites, pictures, video and stories. I’m sure there are so many more like me that feel the same about what you two have decided to share with the world with such intimate insights and honest opinions. If even for a few minutes, to block out what is going on in this crazy world and to see through your eyes a place close to my heart. Merida ❤️.
    Please continue to write about it and if you would think maybe to do some follow ups from your post dated May 20, 2020 on Covid 19. In Merida. As things have changed over time there, as they have everywhere right now. Thanks again for your great writing!


  3. Hello me and my wife are retired im a black man living in new mexico, we moved from cali to get away from all the micro aggression, and the vibration were on a fixed income and would love to travel and visit merida and meet new people from the states im 56 and my german wife is 53 were both vegans and would like to corospond wuth you to get a bettet idea of trying to get more bang for thos USD$

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