Staying In Mexico: Covid-19 Chronicles

Yes, there was a broad call of repatriation. Mass amounts of expats flew back to the United States and the United States helped a ton of people get out of some very sticky situations. Me and my house were blessed enough not to need the assistance. We have been living in Merida, MX for the past 8 months and we did not feel the need to leave. In fact we were quite relieved when the US announced that they were shutting down the US – Mexico border for all non-essential travel. Why were we relieved? We felt a sense of relief because the United States is the epicenter of the virus. This virus is spread from country to country by #thetravelers. People like us, so it is best that we stay home. But we are Americans and we know how entitled we feel. Like we can go anywhere, anytime that we want. If they did not shut that border down I believe that a lot of asymptomatic Americans would still be flooding into Mexico.

Why We Stayed In Mexico

  1. We feel very safe. We live in the Yucatan and the Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, is on top of this virus. He has shut down the schools ahead of the United States. He made it mandatory for anyone in public to wear a face covering…..and several other mandates that made perfect sense.
  2. We live here. We are not on vacation. We have a long term lease with a landlord that we trust and like. We love our 2000 sqft home (we have ample space to enjoy the lockdown). The only threat is us catching the virus and passing it to someone that is vulnerable.
  3. Our livelihood and lives are set-up for a remote lifestyle. We can live isolated, without leaving our home for anything with no real repercussions other than cabin fever.
  4. Our travel documents are good for another 3 months. Americans can stay in Mexico for 180 days without leaving. We just renewed our 180 days in January with a trip to Cuba.
  5. The airports are a hub of infection. In Mexico, the airports are still functioning but they are checking everyone coming in so there are massive bottlenecks where people can easily catch the Coronavirus. It did not make any sense to expose ourselves if it were not necessary.

Those are the reasons we decided to ride out the worst part of this Pandemic here in Merida, MX.  We really like the city. The residents are taking this threat very seriously. Everyone wears a face mask while they are out. No more than one person is allowed in a car unless they are going to the hospital. Only one person per family is allowed in the Costco to shop. Grocery stores are offering free home deliveries……

Merida has the reputation of being the safest city in Mexico and they continue to wear the crown through this pandemic.

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2 thoughts on “Staying In Mexico: Covid-19 Chronicles

  1. I love your videos. Jason and I live in the US. We have been looking at Mexico for a long time. We were very interested in Lake Chapala. Having looked at Chapala and Merida, we decided city life is what we like. We want to visit to get a real feel for the people and the country. Jason speaks fluent Spanish, and I speak enough to be polite.
    I want to ask, is it possible to travel there in June? Are we still under a non-essential travel ban from the US?
    What would you advise?

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