Bill Pay While Abroad

Apart from our Families, Friends and Bills we have no anchors in the U.S. We love it like that. I wish we could just float *inserts Schoolboy Q’s Floating lyrics* (Might turn into a ghost, bum bitch, yes I’m floating…). Extra is not our style.  In fact we are minimalists in our approach to seeing the world but …. we got bills to pay to keep our businesses floating and to keep the credit scores looking right so we cannot totally detach ourselves. That said, we do not have a U. S. phone number or address and this creates some problems when it comes to paying our bills from outside of the country. Here is a short list of things you need in order to pay your bills while out of the country.

  • Email address
  • Google Voice (purchased a cheap $15 pay as you go phone number*), a long distance US-based phone plan, or the paid Skype service
  • A Trustworthy VPN (virtual private network)!

Apart from your creditor’s contact information that should be all that you need. You will need Google Voice (which is free) to contact your creditors in the USA. You will also need a US phone number to register for Google Voice. We purchased a pay as you go phone number/simcard and used the number to register with google voice, and we contact our creditors and any other calls we need to make through that app on our computers. The VPN is necessary to pay your bills online without setting off any 2 step verification processes. We sign-on through a city in the US and everything generally goes smooth.

Well when you go to pay your credit card or any bills on line w/o a VPN, you are logging in from a foreign IP address and you are red-flagged for authentication (which makes sense…). What doesn’t make sense is banks and creditors not having services established for the expat. This is the new IT and they haven’t figured that out yet…. Most months we are able to pay our bills through our online accounts with no problems at all but once we get in the verification process there is no retreat. Every so often we trip the alarm and have to make contact. The whole process is very random and it is telling that none of the major creditors have an international system set up for expats to participate in. Maybe I am just a small fish in the big sea of debt but logic would lead me to think they would make all avenues easy to #getmoney.

That’s the spill of my tea today folks. I hope this helps you get by while you are abroad. Before you leave the states be sure to set up your free Google Voice account and make sure you have a reliable VPN. Captain Random but we use the —- out of our VPN – it grants us access Netflix from around the world, basketball games, football games, music downloads and a slew of other things that are commonly banned in other countries. That it! -Peace and Love


-The Yarbros




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