Our VIPKID Story

Our VIPKID story started with us wanting to be liberated from our desks, brick and mortar buildings. We wanted to shift over into a location independent lifestyle! We had just married and I relocated to my husband’s home state of Michigan in the winter of 2016. I left my previous job behind, in Florida, after six years and looked forward to honeymooning and hibernating. It was nice not working for a month or two, but it quickly got boring. None of my family or friends lived in Michigan, and I found myself lacking in ways to occupy my time. So I started to look for a job I could do remotely. VIPKID popped up on my radar and was a perfect fit for me to continue retreating from the unfamiliar winter harshness.

I applied and started working for VIPKID in March 2017. My husband started with VIPKID in August 2017. He opened slots sparingly as he was still working a full-time management gig.

We both transitioned pretty easily. I shot for working 20-24hrs a week. He shot for 5 hrs. or less a week. Thank God we both got booked right away! We took the blessing and started building rapport with our new little students and it all grew from there.

For me, VIPKID was a great part-time source of income. For my husband, it was a nice side hustle that he could do before work. We currently both work part-time hours with VIPKID which is more than enough to fully fund our life abroad and stretch our dollar in places where the cost of living is significantly cheaper than the U.S. (China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and currently we are living in Mexico).

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about VIPKID in the beginning. I didn’t know anyone personally who was a VIPKID teacher. I put my shaky confidence in a slew of VIPKID teachers pumping out videos on Youtube. But once I got my first paycheck it was ALL GOOD :).

If you’re interested in giving VIPKID a shot we’d love to become your mentor and be that someone you know who is earning their living from VIPKID. We will help to guide you through the process and more importantly be a resource for you once you are hired in. The first step in the application process is a breeze. If you’re just looking for more info on VIPKID or have any questions about our experiences with them, leave us a comment below!

Check out VIPKID’s payment breakdown for info on hourly pay and incentives. Here’s a look at our earnings the first few months with VIPKID. *Some months include additional monetary incentives not reflected below.*

March – 83 classes (≈ 10hr/wk)

April – 193 classes (≈ 24hr/wk)

May – 207 classes (≈ 26hr/wk)

August – 5 classes (≈ 2.5hrs)

September – 49 classes (≈ 6hrs/wk)

October (the month we left America) – 18 classes (≈ 2.2hrs/wk)


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