Most Instagrammable Places in Cartagena

Cartagena is undeniably beautiful, culturally rich, and sticky-icky humid 🤷🏾‍♀️. There was no way we were leaving Colombia without having The Cartagena Experience. We booked a flight from Medellín, scrolled a ton of IG posts and got hyped about our vacay….Experience.

We loaded up our expectations with locations, buildings, neighborhoods, restaurants, and camera angles that we were already planning to see and pose in front of. What our travels revealed and the truly great thing about Cartagena is that every corner in The Walled City seems almost made for this era of Instagram. The Walled City is everything we thought it was and so much more. It was STRIKING! It’s hard to not find something worth capturing around every corner.

Of course, Cartagena is more than what a curated Instagram photo can typify but ahhh I am gonna do my best to help you Shoot Your Shot! So here we go…

1. Snap the Doors! The walled city is a colonial maze of boutiques, hotels, restaurants, roof top bars, and huge, gorgeous, unique doors. Capture as many doors as you can.

2. Palenqueras. Cartagena is colorfully adorned with these beautiful black women from the nearby town of Palenque. Palenqueras don eye-catching traditional garb with expertly balanced bowls of fruit on their heads. Don’t miss the opportunity (you’ll have several) to capture your moment with them.


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3. San Basilio de Palenque. Take a short trip to the town where the beautiful Palenqueras reside. Palenque is the first free black town in the Americas. Formed by run-away slaves, Palenque holds tight to it’s African culture and customs. Experience Real Cartagena is a great place to start for a tour.

If you don’t know, now ya know!


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4. Rooftop bars are a beautiful sweet spot in Cartagena. We spent an evening at Cafe del Mar enjoying a gorgeous sunset and an expansive view of the Caribbean Sea, with a side of cocktails.


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5. Callejón Angosto: Getsemani’s umbrella street. Umbrella streets have popped up in cities around the world. Arguably some of the best being in Quebec City, Canada, Chihuahua, Mexico, and Amman, Jordan. Some bloggers mention these as a few of the best. But don’t sleep on the one in Cartagena. This particularly narrow alley is maintained by the residents of this street. While we were on the street, we were invited to dance in a music video being shot at the other end of this alley…after taking a photo shoot, of course. Find your way there: Cl. 27 # 10b-2 a, Cra. 10b # 120, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia.


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6. The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, is located in the historic center of Cartagena (Calle de los Santos de Piedra, Cra. 4, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia). We saw various angles of this church while wandering all around the walled city. Although, you’ll find the best shot just outside Abacas Books and Coffee.


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While you’re there, stop inside for a drink. The view inside the shop is worth your time and visit as well.


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7. The Clock Tower Monument is the quintessential threshold. It is highly likely that you will happen upon this shot when you #hashtag Cartagena in IG.  The Clock Tower Monument or Puerta del Reloj, is the main city gate and original entrance of Cartagena’s historic fortified city. This area is bustling with locals, hustlers and tourists alike. It was a bit flooded (with people and water) when we arrived but nothing stops this show. (Boca del Puente, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia)


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8. Getsemani could easily extend this list or be an entirely separate post. There are even several tours dedicated to traversing the street art scene of this notable neighborhood. We spent hours walking up, down, and around Getsemani admiring the art. If you’re planning a trip, check out one of the many guided tours offered in Viator or Airbnb experiences. Use this link to get $15 off your first Airbnb Experience of $50 or more. For those who like to get lost, check out this self-guided street art walking tour.

One of the city’s most famous installations of streetart is of Las Tres Guerreras. London-based graffiti artist, Fin DAC, reached out to locals asking them to submit personal photos of what they thought best represented “The Face of Cartagena.” Here is the result:


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9. Roam the streets. That’s the only way you’ll stumble upon beautiful crevices and side streets that you won’t find on a map. These jaunts usually make for the best unplanned memories.


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10. Sun, sand, beach. Cartagena is situated right on the coast and boasts a beautiful coastline with great nearby islands to get your dose of beachdaze. Playa Blanca, on Isla Baru is one of those picturesque beaches that would easily spark inspiration for your IG. Along Dusty Roads gives a concise outline on a few options to get you there.


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Cartagena was a trip as vivid as the pictures we captured, probably even more so. We’d love to hear about your time there and recommendations you collected from your Colombian adventure. Hit us up with the goods! We want to know.

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