Immigrating To Mexico

We made it to our new country. Mexico! We are formally aliens of the Yucatan Peninsula. We livin in Merida, Mexico y’all -for the next year…. we think. The life of moving from city to city and country to country is the epitome of freedom to us. We love it! This moment in time is defined by the world wide refugee crisis, the vile actions if ICE and the cavalier, privileged attitude of #Merica. With all of the things going on we are grateful to make the moves that we make. To make the coin that we make and to have found a love to build together. This life and lifestyle suits us to the T. International friends, good drinks, and not knowing where we may be living or what experiences to even anticipate having from month to month is the shiznitz to us.


We dipped from Medellin, Colombia last week on a red-eye Interjet flight heading into Cancun, Mexico. From there we caught a Platinum bus to Merida, Mx where we plan on living for a year. Why Mexico….Well, I will tell you why Mexico:


Top Reasons to Move to Mexico

  1. The Budget. IT’S CHEAP AF! We are apartment hunting and while you can pay the gringo prices you will pay a lot more for a lot less. If you take your time and search you can find some excellent deals for some prime real estate. We are looking for a 2 bed/ 2 bathroom 80²m apartment and it appears the average (gringo) price is about $9,000 pesos in Norte Merida (our area of choice)  That breaks down to about $450.00 for a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment/ house. Huge expensive dinners average $10/ person and lunch comes in around $3-$5/ person.
  2. The Sophistication. It is urban and sophisticated compared to many other places that we have visited. The city of Merida is filled with clubs, good malls (yes, there is a difference between good, bad and ugly malls), bang’n restaurants, a vibrant downtown life and a whole barrage of Instapics in waiting.
  3. The Culture. The Spaniards intermingling with the Aztec and other indigenous peoples make for some interesting cultural norms. There are city squares where families gather to celebrate life on the weekends. The conquistadors did a helluva number to the mextizo’s but the mextizo’s were already doing some heavy dancing themselves (raiding villages for slaves and sacrificial victims)….it is all very fascinating and we a looking forward to diving in for understandings sake.
  4. The Adventure. Mexico has some of the most incredible tourist destinations in the entire world. There are world class beach resorts, fantastic archaeological sites, beautiful museums and much, much more. And if you live in Mexico, all of these destinations are easily accessible by car, bus or airplane.
  5. The Business. We recently started a dropshipping business and being able to receive reliable mail is a big deal. Colombia, Argentina, Chile….none of them can boast having reliable mail or an accessible import system for goods from the US and China. Mexico has a great reliable mailing system and I can import goods from China to Mexico with some small work. We also teach online and needed a reliable and strong internet connection. Mexico has very strong internet connections.
  6. The Weather. Many places in Mexico have bitch’n weather year round. In fact, Mexico City and Guadalajara, among many others, are situated at a combination of latitude and altitude that gives them spring like weather all year round.
  7. The People. The people of Mexico, the vast majority anyway, are some of the warmest, happiest, most polite and most generous people you will find anywhere. They love their families and love to share good times with both family and friends.
  8. The Food. Mexican food starts with incredibly fresh ingredients. These fresh ingredients include a wide variety of spices and chiles which make the food in Mexico among the most delicious in the world. S/O to Los Trompos! (a delicious fresh, cheap Mexican restaurant chain).


The first week has been great. The people have been warm, friendly, accepting and very helpful. We have sweated out at least 9 sets of clothes though. It is hotter that satans balls around here. And the FOOD……The Food! TheFood has been nothing short of stellar…out of this world, pimp-slap-your grandmomma across the booty fresh and delicious! I keep asking myself why we haven’t spent more time in Mexico. We visited some years back for a couple of weeks but sheesh(!) after traveling the world and living in a few different places we have really overlooked this oasis of culture, food, good folk, and good times that has been in our own backyard. We are excited to be here and excited to get settled and start exploring!

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