How to Make Money Online For Free

We live full-time on the road, so knowing how to make money online for free is essential to all of our being…..there is no plan B for us. Paying our rent and bills, shopping for groceries…. all while living full-time internationally is a risk that is mitigated with wealth. Money is a hedge and our situation demands it, so, this post is dear to our hearts….its personal. Making Money Online is the vehicle that is allowing us to step into our vision of an international lifestyle. We are living comfortably abroad. If you are not familiar with our story, in a nutshell we became online teachers while we were dating long-distance, we got married, quit our 9-5 gigs, and flicked the switch on our plans to see and absorb the world one sunset, one dinner, one city and one country at a time. One year after we were married we left the USA with an ailing savings account.

While we were dating we took an online ESL course and got our ESL teaching certificates through the Global Leadership College off of Groupon for $45. We got married the following year and we were living in China the year after that. We made a loose plan, executed it and we have been living abroad, loving abroad and learning abroad ever since. This article is about some of the more important things that have been learning along the way. We learned how to make money online for free and we want to share what we are learning. How to make money on line for free is all about e-commerce and finding an entry point that is free of charge. You don’t need money to make money…per-say…

We have been on the road for a couple of years now and it is time for us to grow. In this article we share with you the capital part of our plan and how we are learning how to make money online for free and… how we are investing our resources (time) into E-commerce and developing lines of business without inheriting risk or overextending ourselves.

  How to Make Money Online

  1. Teach English Online – we owe so much to our little $45 TESOL/TEFL Certifications. We are able to move around the globe on our earnings and leverage other business from this one….like a recruitment business. Click this link if you would like our help to become a VIPKID Teacher. (Note: a certification is no longer required, you are certified as a part of the hiring process). We are teachers and we love our flexibility and pay.
    • Barriers of Entry:                                   
      • Bachelor Degree
      •  The ability to work in the US or Canada
    • If you have a bachelors degree you can teach English. The demand for online teachers far outweigh the supply of teachers out here. We got our TESOL/TEFL certification before we left and we were working for VIPKID before we left as well. We each earn $22.50/ hr which allows us to work part-time and still live relatively well, internationally.
    • 5 Best Online Teaching Companies:
      • Become a VIPKID Teacher by clicking  here
      • Magic Ears
      • GogoKid
      • Dada
      • Qkids
  2. Be an Online Recruiter
    • Barrier of Entry: Entity to recruit for
    • Each one of the online teaching companies mentioned above offers generous incentives to recruit more teachers up to $120/new teacher that teaches at least one class. This is incentive enough for teachers to open up entire lines of new businesses ….as recruitment officers / brand ambassadors and they get massive incentive payout as they recruit in bulk. The good ones find ways to automate this process and turn it into a source of passive income….
      • Note: getting paid by the quality and ingenuity of your work and not by the time of your day opens doors to limitless income #PassiveIsTheWay. Finding a niche market could make you wealthy and so can automation.
  3. Open a Drop Shipping E-Store – this is one of the more promising methods we’ve found to create income remotely. Drop shipment is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant (you) never sees or handles the product. Case sample: for a POD (print on demand – 8 Ranked POD Sites ) shop, a person could open a storefront (for free), create some merchandise (for free) set your price and market your product as best you can (for free) and take home the profits. Classic buy it for $1 and sell it for $3 except you don’t front any costs.
    Print-On-Demand Dropshipping companies require no up front costs.
    Print On Demand is a free entry point into world of scalable E-commerce.
    • Barriers of Entry
    • You can use a free marketplace (listed below) but please note that the paid stores (Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce…) were created to scale and grow a brand and avg $30/ beginner monthly plan)
      • Amazon Merch
      • Etsy
      • Bonanza
      • Wish
  4. Become a Marketing Affiliate – affiliate marketing is when a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. One would find a product, contact the vendor and obtain an affiliate link and direct traffic through that link. A lot of people seek out programs or companies that specialize in the field like (The 25 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2019). Lots of individuals make a very good living doing just that. Landing pages are established, interested audiences romanced and money exchanges are made.
    • Barriers of Entry
      • Finding product to endorse (7 Top Affiliate Programs 2019)
      • locating low competition high profit products
      • Enticing the correct consumer to your landing page and closing the deal
  5. Full Time Blogger
    • Bloggers can get paid $1 – $10,000+ per month to produce consistent, informed (niche specific) content. This is a game of patience as it will take time to solicit a following but once you reach 1,000+ viewers per day you arrive to the land of milk and honey. (Here are some solid blogging tips we are attempting to apply to grow) Where the fruit is sweetened by juicy incentives from advertisers, gifts from affiliates, mailboxes full of endorsement requests….you get the picture. You can actually monetize your site at around the 50 viewers/ day mark as I understand it, but who doesn’t want to shoot for the promise land….. Bloggers get paid by:
      • Advertising on your blog (people pay you for ad space).
      • Affiliate Marketing (placing links in your blogs)
      • Digital Products -selling your own content; pictures, webinar classes, ebooks…..
      • Offering services – freelance writing and consulting.

Those, are broadly our areas of research, interest and investment. We have delved into all of these and will keep you up on our progress and lessons. We just opened a storefront on Etsy and we are using Printful as our order fulfillment drop-shipper. Check us out if you are looking for some cool travel merch (our Etsy Storefront) The vision is building a store front on Shopify or BigCommerce as soon as Etsy produces enough profit to afford the $30/ month membership fees. We are also Brand Ambassadors for VIPKID, so if you have your Bachelor’s degree and you have a North American accent please click here and we will usher you through the hiring process. If you already know about VIPKID and are ready to sign up – APPLY HERE.

Here are some other free ways to make money online these are not lines of business but some different things that you can do..

How to Make Money Online For Free, Part II

  1. Fiverr as a resource to animate your business ideas or as a marketplace to bill yourself out as an independent contractor/ gunslinger for hire. Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Book idea, hire an author to ghostwrite for you and then send it to a publisher on there, have it converted to an ebook …….and sell them all in your online dropshipping store. Fiverr is one of our favorite resources. If we do not have the time or expertise we use Fiverr.
  2. Affiliate Marketing on a smaller scale. Become an affiliate of different products that you already use and are willing to endorse. Contact Canon or Amazon, Sony, puma…whatever, the brand likely has an affiliate program.  Become an affiliate and place a link in your bio on IG “picture taken with Canon M50 with 50mm lens from ….. boom(!) you getting paid off what you made.
  3. Create Digital Products and collect residuals. Automate a class…. record a webinar (Free Webinar Services) on how to …BBQ ribs for $8.99 get someone from Fiverr to create an Ebook: “How to Make BBQ Sauce” and give them a free download for the purchase. I have just began creating digital products but I believe it is going to end up being a pillar of our e-commerce life.
  4. Complete Surveys there are a ton of online survey companies. This blog had several that we have heard about ( 13 Online Surveys for Money).
  5. Test Websites pay better than completing surveys but you need to qualify for each test. (17 Sites That Pay You to Test Their Website)

There are many other ways to turn a dollar online. How to make money online is a question that unlocks uncapped opportunity. Best wishes and you and your success. a lot of people I think it is important to locate an under served niche and serve it! In a nutshell these are things that we have done and are doing to create wealth.

Make Money Online



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