How To Extend Your Colombia Tourist Visa Online

Colombia grants tourists 90 days within the country visa free! In fact,*Visitors can stay in Colombia for a total of 180 days in a calendar year.(Note: if you arrive on July 29th and stay 180 days it is reset on January 1st) There are 2 ways to enjoy those maximum number of days in Colombia. The first way is to leave the country when your 90 days are up and return to receive another 90 day tourist stamp in your passport.The second way is to apply for a visa extension while in Colombia. Colombia has made it quite simple to extend your tourist visa (tourist stamp) with their online system. Before you begin let’s get the required documents out of the way.Here’s what you need to comply with visa requirements for US citizens:1. A PDF copy of your passport photo page.2. A PDF copy of the tourist stamp in your passport.3. Proof of onward travel*

▷ Colombia’s online system only accepts PDF files under 1MB. You can condense your files using

▷ We found it convenient to scan our documents with the scanbot app before condensing them.

Now you’re ready to apply for a visa extension.

Follow this link to extend your visa.

The beauty of this process is that the form is pretty straight forward. If you’re like me and can barely read Spanish, hit the “English” button in the top right corner.Kind of Procedure: select the third option down Temporary Permit of Permanence to Extend Permanence and identify the nearest facility to you. Ours was Medellín.Continue on to complete the personal information and emergency contact fields.Records & Consent: This is where you upload your documents and proof of onward travel. Lastly, enter the captcha and hit agree.You made it to the confirmation page of your application submission.Check your email for a confirmation as well. It should include your application number and a password to check the status of your visa extension. The email states that you should hear back in about 1 business day.If approved, you will receive an email stating that your request for temporary residence permit has been “pre-approved” or “pre-aprobada.” All that’s left to do is pay for your extension for complete approval.You can pay online through the link, username, and password in the email or at the Centros Facilitadores de Servicios Migratorios. The cost is 99,000 COP (roughly $30 USD).Lastly, after your payment is accepted, you’ll receive one last email that includes the Temporary Permit that should print and keep safe with your passport as physical proof of your visa extension (pictured below).I hope this answers your question on how to get a Colombian visa.Enjoy your next 90 days in Colombia!

*Proof of onward travel is proof that you will be leaving your destination country. This can be a return flight ticket, a flight ticket to another country or even a bus/train ticket showing that you will be leaving that country. Goats on the Road is a travel blog that provides great information on different ways to provide proof of onward travel.

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