Museum Antioquia: The Visit

We are having a good time here in Medellin! The food is delicious, the scenery is outstanding, the culture is deeply rooted and compelling. It is an adventure living our daily lives and enjoying what the city has to offer. That said there are some things that we want to do while we are here and one of our top 10 things to do in Medellin was to visit the Museum Antioquia. We did and it did not disappoint!

Destination: Museum Antioquia

Location: Downtown Medellin

Street Address: Cl. 52 #43, Medellín, Antioquia

The Neighborhood: El Centro

There is no need to put on your Sunday best. This museum is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Medellin; El Centro. We rode there in an Uber. Our driver spoke a little English and we speak a little Spanish so he gave us a little education :-). The windows were down when he picked us up; I noticed when we got to Centro them boys were rolled AllTheWayUP!

Let me paint the scene from my window in the backseat of this car. We were on a highway, came up and we hit a corner. After the driver turned the corner the whole vibe of the ride changed from me enjoying a sunny morning car ride to me being completely drawn in by the world around me.

It was all commerce, it was all gritty, and it was a lot of people buzzing around. We passed the huge local fruit and vegetable market Plaza Minorista that was jam packed with people at 11 o’clock on a Wednesday morning. We passed row after row of stores; appliance stores with used/ re-purposed appliances lining the sidewalks on either side of the door. We passed no less than 5 motorcycle repair stations. We passed all kinds of street vendors moving their distinctive products. All over I saw everything being sold. We passed two furniture stores, we passed candy shops. Everything was about turning a dollar.

Milk Money

There was a lady on the street selling goats milk directly from swollen goats tits. This was her hustle. She paraded her goat around on the street with plastic baggies hanging from her pockets letting her engorged goat’s breasts be her billboard. Shit was genius to me. I was taken aback by all this activity in what seemed like 1 city block. It was dense and busy. It was downtown Medellin.

We arrived at the museum less than a minute after passing that market area. The museum was nice. It primarily housed the works of Medellín natives Fernando Botero and Pedro Nel Gómez. It is the oldest museum in Medellin and it was pretty cool. We had been exposed to some of Botero’s work in Bogota and getting an in-depth view of the breath of his work was really cool.

We really enjoyed people watching at the museum and lol being watched by the visitors. We had a crowd of people ask us to stop and pose for them to take some pictures. Another highlight to this trip was the garden below. Outside of the museum is Plaza Botero where his larger than life works of art are on displayed.

That is a two for one highlight to check off your Medellin tourism list! We had a picture taking frenzy down there, a light lunch, and then jumped on the Metro Rail back to our side of town. Very, very cool outing for us. You can check out the gallery below if you want to see some of our our picture frenzy and appreciation for Latin American Art.


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