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Our time in Southeast Asia ended a few months ago and we moved across the globe to South America! Land of salsa, tango and merengue! We have been getting settled in and enjoying the flavors of the coffee, the people, the culture and the ..&(*%$(*)’n food! We are in Medellin, Colombia! Yes, the same one your memory banks are trying to dig into and recall the violence of another time. The days of the cartel dominated drug trade that this area was known for in the 80’s is over. The city has changed and we are fast becoming a fans of Medellin.

Visiting a new city is like having a first date in so many ways. We are filled with anticipation and expectations. That first night that you go out you can read so much into the future of the relationship. We are filled with expectancy; we want to “get it right.” We hope that she everything….and so far she has stacks on stacks. She is everything…. a positive situation, a slowly revealing seduction to make it a permanent thing, a capsule of budding potential. All of that is to say that we are enjoying Colombia. We “feel” the energy….and it feels right.

Chiang Mai was a great place to set up camp, save money and collect ourselves. We heard of Medellin from other travelers that we talked to “on the road.” Among travelers it is storied for being as cheap as Chiang Mai but being much more of a “city!” Good bye southeast Asia, its been fun!

While we are here, we wanted to give you a line by line comparison between where we are and where we were. Here are some comparisons between Medellín, Colombia and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Both of the cities are uber affordable on a minimal income.

Cost of Living: Chiang Mai* (actual cost in USD)

*for 1 Couple per Month:

  • Apartment: $350 (29 m² in the Central Festival area -semi-upscale locals)
  • Utilities: $100
  • Groceries: $200 (only because we shop at the fufu grocery store Rimping & Tops)
  • Transportation: $30
  • 1 Night out: (popping bottles):$35
  • Nice Restaurant w/ drinks: $30

Cost of Living: Medellín, Colombia (actual cost in USD)

  • Apartment: $633 (100 m² 2bdrm townhome in Sabaneta, Antioquia suburbs of Medellín, Colombia)
  • Utilities: included in rent
  • Groceries: $200 (we have not found “our grocery store” yet)
  • Transportation: $20
  • 1 Night out: (ballin): $35
  • Nice Restaurant w/ drinks: $30

First of many posts from this crazy, sexy, cool, sun-drenched, rainy city in the Aburrá Valley.

From Medellin, with love…

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