5 Overlooked Tips For Long Term Travel

There are plenty of blogs with a wealth of information about long term travel. This is not one of them. This is an Oops Blog. The 5 Things we wish we would have done before we hit the road. We have transitioned from novice travelers to a full time travelers and now we are transitioning to professional travelers.  So retrospectively speaking we have about 5 things we would do differently so we flipped those 5 short sights into 5 tips for the future you.

Our 5 Missed Steps

  1. Look before the leap 🙂 #DueDilligence #AnxiousForNothing So, for us we contemplated moving abroad for a couple of years and once we decided to pull the trigger we got trigger happy. Selling our goods, getting visas and handling the business of making our lives travel-sized was fun and we overlooked some pretty basic shit. Here are a few examples.
    • We moved to China after interviewing with 3 companies, we should have researched our final selection more. We made good paper in China but….  China was a whole “situation” we could have handled much, much, much better on the front end. Listen to what people say. We had one woman interview us on Skype and tell us how nice our home was and how our place would be smaller there and we would have to catch a bus to work (all of that was the tip of it iceberg) ……she was giving us the 911 and we were too anxious to listen.
    • When our contract was up in China we could not leave fast enough! In our hast we purchased one-way tickets into Chiang Mai, Thailand and China tried to hold us hostage. They would not let us get on the plane at the airport because we could not prove onward travel* (in our ignorance we did not even know about onward travel #truestory)…..long story short we purchased the cheapest tickets we could find while we were standing at the ticketing counter …..bumps and bruises we get #travellife so we had a little mini-vacation to Kuala Lumpur preplanned -Not the worst but mo money, mo money, mo money!
  2. Diversify the Income Our income is diverse but it cannot be overstated; security is not an illusion; wealth is a hedge!
    • We worked for a University in China and we also teach English on-line so when we were ready to leave all we had to do was leave. Of course China’s Great Firewall almost messed up our contracts with our on-line employer….
    • Also, slaving is slaving and as long as you are getting paid incrementally you are slaving in my mind…this is our mentality (no disrespect). We are getting out of the wage cycle and finding ways to have our money and time work for us. There are a plethora of opportunities to get paid remotely. We discussed several options before we left but we didn’t take deliberate action. We are now.
  3. More Strategic Planning
    • We didn’t make a 6 month, 1 year or a 5 year plan.  We didn’t plan our route. We didn’t plan any savings goals. Since we have been on the road we have sat down to do all of this and we are being fruitful now. In retrospect we could be reaping the harvest by now….but this is the beauty of hindsight.
  4. Know Your Priorities while we travel we make assumptions about ourselves that are just not true and honest and we end up costing ourselves money and time. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:
    • Booking cheap Airbnbs and then moving once we see the room
    • Grabbing flights on raggedy airlines……..
    • Going out to restaurants recommended from places we don’t respect We Know Ourselves: Cheap is not a top priority.
    • We will not compromise comfort to save a dollar…we always end up upgrading the experience. Creature comforts are a big deal to us so we decided to stop acting like they weren’t.

  5. Social Media Business Plan Place a great emphasis on social media and avenues to tell your story
    • We have discovered a lot of opportunities (other than simply bragging rights)
    • As a professional traveler we must be able to tell our story
    • An audience is beneficial to many marketers.



*An onward ticket is a proof of a booked train, bus or airline ticket originating from the country about to be entered. … a round-trip airline ticket, an airline or train or bus ticket from one country to another.

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