How to Apply to VIPKID

Hey! Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in becoming a VIPKID teacher. We would love to help you along the application process. Follow these steps to get your foot in the door.

Check out our link to the VIPKID website or plug in to get to their homepage. To secure us as your coaches be sure to locate the ‘click here‘ link to enter our referral code, starred in the image below: APRYL0002 (zero zero zero two)

Here’s what it should look like once you enter the referral code…

From there, go ahead and sign up with your email address and password. You’ll then be directed to fill in your basic information.

On the application be sure to indicate the following:

  • That you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree 
  • That you are fluent in English
  • Teaching Experience: select “I attended K-12 schools in the USA and/or Canada” (AT THE VERY LEAST)
  • How much teaching experience do you have? 1-3 years (AT LEAST)

Then SUBMIT!       

Here’s a quick video showing VIPKID’s application page:

You just completed the first step!

Next Step → Jump right in and schedule your demo interview OR take some time to review the preparation materials before you mark a spot on the calendar.  Either way, we’re still here to help!

PLEASE NOTE: VIPKID will vigorously pursue you once you submit your application. Don’t feel rushed; move at your own pace.

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