Making Money with VIPKID

Ok, I know why you’re here…so let’s jump right in.

When you pass your initial interview/mock lesson you will be given your base rate per class. So make your first impression a good one! Your credentials and how well you’re able to deliver an engaging and educational class in an online platform will determine your starting rate. This can be from $7 – $9 per class (25min).

And this is where VIPKID builds upon your earnings.


You have the (easy) opportunity to receive an incentive for each class up to $3.20/ class.

  1. Finished Classes Incentive:
    1. Is a tiered program the more classes you get under your belt (lifetime) the higher tier you are paid from. All beginners start at $.80 per class and you max out at $3.20 per class. The more you teach the more Finished Class Incentive you are paid. This is a new system that VIPKid is using and it is convoluted to say the least.



  1. Short Notice bookings: You will be awarded an additional $2 per booked short notice class. If you open your available time-slots to be booked within 24 hours, AND they book = Short Notice
  2. Trial Conversions: You get a $5 trial conversion incentive! Trial classes are children ‘trying out’ VIPKID to see if they want to join in on the fun. If the child signs up for VIPKID, and you were the last teacher to them…you are awarded that incentive!  Periodically, VIPKID will run a trial special and offer an extra $5 incentive (total $10 incentive on top of your base pay and regular incentives) for your hard work. So put on great show!

General Information

Upon hiring, you are offered a 6 month contract that can be renewed every 6 months as long as you maintain the agreement of your contract.

You can arrange to be paid via your bank account or paypal. You can choose to be paid bi-monthly or monthly.

It’s important to note that with VIPKID, you are an independent contractor and you set aside your own taxes, per your own individual situation. You open as many time slots that you’re available to work and take a break, a week, or a month as your need. When you are booked, you make money. When you’re aren’t book…no money honey.

Ready to sign up? Follow this referral link! Or if you have any questions, leave us a comment below.

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