VIPKID Booking Hacks

Earning your living based on your customers unknown proclivities can feel fickle. Like the ground is never truly solid beneath your feet. Especially when this income is the only wind in your sails. There are some things you can do in this digital world of VIPKID to create a steady flow of greenbacks. We have been working the VIPKID pool of parents for a couple of years now andย  we have a steady clientele. Our bills are paid every month (and we have plenty) and, we are able to save enough to comfortably afford to live on a permanent vacation. Anyway this is a list of the things you can do to get your weight up with VIPKID:

VIPKID Booking Hacks:

  1. It all starts with your pitch. If you are having trouble getting bookings reexamine your Profile Bio, Profile pictures, and your Promo Video (Teacher Feedback Tags)
    • Profile Bio
      • Should read like a professional not a novice. Use buzz words like experienced, educated, friendly, English lover, timely correction…, can cater to students learning style…
      • Jovial tone – no one wants to stick their student with a stiff
      • Understanding and tolerant of child behavior
    • Profile pictures
      • You can upload one profile picture and two other feature photos. Make your profile photo match the bio, something professional, friendly and fun. This is the first photo that the parents (and students) see.
      • Feature photos can be a bit more casual. Parents seems to like family photos. You could also include photos of you enjoying a hobby.
    • Promo Video – think flava (not flavor…but flavahhh, have some fun).
      • Your promo video is possibly the most important tool. We lived and taught in China for 8 months and they allow their children to decide teachers most of the time. Your video must catch the interest of the student and convey to the parent that you are about the business of education.
      • Colorful, upbeat, quality video (HD or better), good lighting, educational background.
  2. Get as many teacher Tags as you can. This falls back to the beggars not being choosers idiom. If you want to work, qualify for as much work as you can. This diversifies your students, it makes you more accessible, and it makes you a more desirable teacher. The tags and certifications look good on your profile like stripes on a generals uniform.
    • Check the Academy tab and take every quiz you can, especially the Trial Certifications.
    • Find out what you qualify for w/o taking a quiz and write a trouble ticket to request it. More on this to follow.
  3. Create demand. Use an appropriate window to open your classes. People want what other people have its just #nature. I open my classes within 24 to 4 hrs of the deadline of 12 pm BJT. 85% of my bookings are filled in the first 12 hours.
  4. Get to be friends with the Short Notice button. 85% of my slots are filled almost immediately. Then, of the remaining 15%, about 5-% get filled with short notice classes and about 5-10% get filled by random almost short notice bookings.
    • As a note: Short Notice and Trial classes are your chance to grow your brand. Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Make sure you trim the hedges and give a good show. Be Extra in everything that you do with these classes. Get the kid to laugh. Get the kid to stand-up or make dumb noises. Be sure to spell check and proof read your feedback. Be sure to give “good” feedback praise-criticism-praise and salutations. Be relevant, instructive and kind.
  5. Be mindful of your classroom and classroom environment. Your classrooms should reflect your promo video. It should be bright, colorful, upbeat…. #inspirational and educational. Be sure that your lighting is on-point! Your mood lighting is good bright light.
  6. Create a rapport with your students. Draw them in. Parents are paying for the experience of their child to be taught by a native English speaker. They are paying for your experience so give it to them. Teach the slides but don’t make the slides the means and the end. Relax, set a pace and give the child an experience (if the child can be drawn in…not all of them are open). Just remember to be Extra and aware that they want the experience of learning from someone with your background. Be a point of interest if not the point of interest.
  7. Troll the online teacher groups. There is soooooo much information that you don’t know. I received my Level 4 certification by opening a trouble ticket. You get the most up-to-date information. They help troubleshoot problems that other teachers are having. You can get good ideas from there (rewards, classroom set-ups). Community shared feedback documents…..the list goes on and on. Join some!
  8. Post Class: Be sure to write relevant and instructive feedback. Praise-critique-praise- salutations. Teaching in China really helped me to understand their parenting approach. They want to know what their child can do better and they want that praise too. It is okay to be super sweet but slip in some “Lee can practice …. at home”. My goal is to be honest with no more than two criticisms in a feedback. Generally, I don’t give 2 critical feedbacks consecutively to the same student.
  9. Fight for your 5 apple rating. If you get a bad rating, submit a trouble ticket to protest it (even if you have no grounds). Once, I had to move my protest up the food chain because the minions were not understanding…. the poor rating got removed. I have had them promptly removed from my profile. This is your business, your neighborhood, your blessing. You should protect it. Also, don’t be afraid to subtly and sparingly ask your parents for a 5 apple rating. The apple rating appeals to parents.

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