Traveling While Black

Free To Travel

Black folk and being free is a dubious love story, but this one is sincere. The more you grow beyond what you know, the deeper you glean into  the realities of the eternal. The wonders are on display for all to see, if they have the eyes for it.

We are Black  Travelers. A couple who travel because we are free to do so; free to learn, free to explore, free to become something more than what we are. The more we tour the globe, the more beauty we behold, the more we recognize that we must let go of our baggage to  reach for universal Understanding.


əndərˈstandiNG   n.  -the ability to perceive the connection of all things; spiritual birth; the revelation of God in the heart of creation.

-Nomadic Wander

All we want to do is break free(er).  The deepest craving is to Understand and the more we go, the more we grow. Traveling to points across the globe, meeting people, going places, enjoying (and sometimes enduring) situations that crush the current days’ paradigm.  The more I know, the more I recognize the need soul and grit to achieve understanding and it is a continual arrival.

The leaps and bounds of growth is a constant arrival and departure.

However, the game ain’t sweet. It is both deeply moving and rewarding but the other side is…. it requires a lot of you. In essence it  takes everything that you’ve got. Everything is taken, #stripped and #reduced – You must #surrender all that you have…resources, thinking, pride…trust, to get the maximum benefit; which is understanding.  Yes, I am talking about traveling as a form of spiritual development. Observe a Belizean sunset or the torrential rains of Ubud or allow your senses to experience Paris in the spring… and not have your spiritual quest awaken. This is nomadic wander – I am here, I observed, and wow , that just happened!  A life filled with epiphany after epiphany, paradigm shift after paradigm shift and the observance of sheer beauty.

Spiritual Development ⇒ Life · Living · Giving · Receiving · Remembering

Dissecting connecting flights late into a working night. Surrendering rights in foreign lands. Mapping our moves out over coffee breaks and pillow talk… all so we can reach to higher heights.  All we do is…travel internationally, continuously, and consciously.

Being Black

Being the center of small talk in a room filled with people. Hearing their whispers and catching their stares. We see the exaggerated selfies, with the camera angle no where near their faces. -Its all love.

 This is our  place in the world, and it always has been. Black people solicit reaction from people. The beauty, the strength, the stature, the indifference…

We are approached for pictures and chatted-up often. This is all apart of being black and abroad. People wanna be down, people want a piece of what they think you have. They want to understand…. I don’t know, but this is what I do know. We cause wonder, awe, shock, aggravation and/ or respect everywhere we go. There is generally no neutrality. People are either sneaking pictures, asking for pictures, doing double takes, blankly staring, consciously avoiding eye contact sometimes they are doing all of that at the same-time. We receive it all as love most of the time because we know to be wonderful is to fill others with wonder.

-Its All Good

I love being a black. I am deep space black. I am the color from which all colors come, black. Black love, black thoughts, black beckoning. The blackness of thoughts that resonate before they are fully known, black love. Black is the inclination to know more. I am more.  I am We. We are the light of the living God, shining through eternity to this specific time for you to marvel at and see. Receive We and begin to understand me.   Learn that life is bigger than what you know. Bigger than what that paper plate holds. A paper weight as heavy as We need to be. We are sweet soliloquies breezing through trees and touching each and every leaf.

Mystery • Intrigue • Perceived Power

Traveling while black could

  • make you the coolest person in the room
  • make you notice everyone staring blankly at you
  • make you the only black person (Black American, in our case) that these people ever meet
  • make you the center of conversation of white Americans on holiday
  • place you in conversations to help led people to understanding

Traveling while Black will

  • inspire people
  • make you stay on top of your communication skills
  • give you options you never knew existed
  • give you the opportunity to be appreciated -outside the U.S. people think the world of us
  • make you want to spent more time out of the country
  • stimulate a desire to get to Africa

I am blessed to travel while being black. I get all types of props and I get the opportunity to dispel all types and manner of ignorance and we love it!

We are flavor in the image of God. Made to endure, made to adore. Black as a mystery waiting to be known. Black is the seed of birth begging to be sown.  Black.

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