Faithful Traveler

When that plane hits some REALLY rough turbulence, you get intimate with your beliefs.

*The captain turns on the fasten seatbelt sign.* “We are experiencing some rough turbulence.

For your own safety please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.” Interpretation: shit just got real. Get your affairs in order 😃😆🤣.

-Dramatic, ik but a lot of situations occur when you travel beyond your comfort zone. Situations that seriously test your faith. I have thought some interesting things in those moments but it always comes back to this: I am not intimate with fear. Death has no claim on me. Jesus is Lord, and I am His. My affairs are actually in order. That is the deepest source of peace for me. Flying, touring, exploring, loving, living fearlessly.

Living fearlessly is not living w/o fear. It is keeping fear in its place.

I don’t tempt or mock “The Spirit”, I listen intently. I also praise and worship continually, in spirit.

Our lives are blessed. We know who and what our blessings come through.

What do you Know that gives you peace? -seriously add a comment and let us know.

Do you see assurances that are beyond you? Do you seek an other-worldly peace bigger than any situation?

If anyone asked – I would tell them prayer is the way to start moving firward and then allowing your relationship to develop….. from there. Through your submitted heart He will greet you….in all sincerity and truth – believe, walk, and seek. ✌️🏽⛪️🕍

Be the church…where God lives.

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