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Squatty-potties, hot water, lost in cash, vegetables and starch over meat….and yeah the language. We went from being a major minority in America to a significant yet, rare anomaly here. We went from driving to anywhere we wanted, whenever we wanted, to not being able to catch a cab or bus or go anywhere without strenuous and meticulous planning. It is a lot to take in and this could be simple arrogance talking, sheer vanity peaking to protect pride but we are not experiencing any major culture shock. It could be argued that the shock has not set in yet. The standard of living that we are experiencing is not what we are accustomed to. This city is dusty and grimy. The air pollution is real and it is everywhere. I think that is the largest adjustment. I mean our home is wayy short of what we are accustom to. I went from a 2000 sqr ft place with 4.5 baths to a 650 sqr ft joint with not shower or tub and a toilet that has a mind of its own. The sun though…. it is always hazy outside. No one wears sunglasses around here and a lot of people were surgical masks because of the pollution. Shit is real and I need to protect Us from it (more to follow).

You ask ,who is he? He believes you need to get out more. The world aint safe and you are still alive for the purpose of experiencing more.¬† Travel the world, see what new experiences and skills you implore. Grow suckah! There is no such thing as comfortable growth. The only question is what are you about and are you being about your business?! That’s it! That is our (my wife and mine) internal dialogue. Don’t give a fuk about what the world is going through or what people are thinking of us. To grow we had to crap on my comfort zone and I know how that looks… but we found a squatty-potty on the other side of the world and let go. I follow the light and the light has nothing to do with my comfort or my mighty deeds. The light IS. My comfort and everything else is window dressings.


I want to go outside and play. Play in the fields of life. Play throughout the rest of my life. Play with my wife. We are only given one life, one love, *Wycleff Jean voice*One time! I would rather die with memories than with dreams #gospel #philosophy #preachingtruth but I believe THE LORD will bless mine because we are intentionally and consciously seeking His, the One and only true and divine purpose for our life.

I was walking my campus yesterday and went through the Marxism Department. I don’t know if you can appreciate it but I studied political theory (in the West…) and I am standing in a place where they study Marxism and its practical applications. This is freaking BUG! This is the largest culture shock that I have felt. The realization that we are not living in a camouflaged¬† #freeland. I mean in reality I am sending this through a VPN to get it out to y’all. For every ill or inconvenience that I write to you through please know that I feel good. I am in the guts of the beast (but so are you….) churning up some goodness. I write a prescription of hope in every class I teach. I influence the influencers. This is my gift, and my wife’s too. Our calling. Our enjoyment. I stand in-front of my classes with so much to say about fulfillment, self-actualization (hip-hop), and walking through to a dreams’ fulfillment. I never knew I had so much in me to give and I never knew I would enjoy giving it so thoroughly. Willing to squat over a hole in the earth, eat strange foods, inhale polluted air..willing to be censored and monitored. Willing to live in conditions that I have risen high above in my lifetime. I love the work that I am doing and I would never have known if I did not get out of my comfort zone. Could I have given to the children in my own zip code? I did! Maybe I could have given more. That’s all bull to me though. I was created to influence the influencers and that is what I did and that is what I am doing. All that extra black-ish you can get the bozack. I have always taught my sons that manhood never has to be proven. What you have to do is be the best you that you can be. I didn’t and I don’t feel it… living up to the Afro-American intellectual hype. I do not believe in any Egyptian gods. I believe in Christ.


I know that I am hope and that I am a message for those who’s wavelength I speak on… Black, White, Chinese, Indian, Dyslexic, Autistic, Superfreak, Homosexual, Straight…whatever the perversion, persuasion, or retardation…I Am the light. I am full of a confident calling to change the world, one -at a time. What is your confidence? Where is it taking you? In all posterity and prosperity my brethren I hope it is causing you to be a blessing and not a curse.


We exist in the Earth *long pause…. Giving birth. Wallowing in the turf. Arguing over what came first, while we are being decimated down to the last. Everlasting, surpassing attempts of the enemy to keep us standing in the same place looking dumb and sounding smart. Being inadequate with a lot of heart….quit the dumb shit and truly get in where you fit in #ThePlan #TheSweetSurrender #TheTender

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