First disclaimer, the Chinese culture is not introverted! They have dance classes and workout groups among other things hosted outside on random street corners. The uber social and they stare like glare with no phuks given. -Its great!

We are black and I’m China. Yo! I said I am freckled faced, red haired dreadlock wearing black man and my woman is a toasted cinnamon dread wig wearing little sexy lady. Our neighborhood and shopping centers are getting used to seeing us but they still give us their full attention when when we come through or walk by. My favorite experiences so far has been with the kids though. They go ear to ear with their smiles and say hello or the just tug at mom and dad like wth is that!

There is so much to say. I won’t be able to fit it all here but suffice to say that we are in the middle if a new and ancient culture. The people are not the grinning and snickering type but they are cool AF. The people are freaking obsessed with all things “cute”. The food is not all that bit the people are.

We landed, we’re safe, and we are having the most extreem experience of our lives up to this point; living in Wuhan, China!

  • Outside of the university not too many people give a what about us being American.
  • Kids < 17 years old seem to speak English okay…
  • They invest in their children heavily and you see it everywhere
  • Cooking hygiene is not the best
  • Cashless and pedestrian society
  • The working class freaking works
  • Smog is a real health threat


For every pedal on a rose there is a thorn to deal with.

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