15 International Travel Tips

Soo, it’s time to roll and you don’t wanna look like an airport newbie? You want to fly the friendly Skies with style and travel-swag (gotta get a swagalicious travel bag fellas)? We wanted to share some of our traveling tips to help make your way to our wedding as comfortable and as fun as possible. Here are our tried and true traveling tips.

  1. Get a theme song and download it (so I guess you know who is writing this post now :D). My song is Mos Def’s version of Traveling Man.
  2. Pack an empty water bottle. Water costs $5-$7 at the airport and you cannot bring any more than 3oz sized containers of liquid with you. Bring an empty water bottle and fill up when you get through TSA (security).
  3. Pack some dry snacks -granola, chips, w/e fits in your carry-on.
  4. Download an application call “Mobile Passport“(click on the hyper link to download the app) on your cell phone. When you enter back into the U.S. you get to come in VIP and avoid the customs lines.
  5. If you are traveling with a buddy bring some games – sodoku, crosswords, audio books and shared headphones jacks…
  6. Bring a portable cell phone charger or extra phone battery because you never know when you will have time to charge up and will always need your cell phone camera at the ready.
  7. Check with your phone carrier about roaming charges!
  8. Don’t wear tight shoes on long flights. Your feet will swell especially if you consume alcohol. This is not a sign of diabetes (a.k.a. the sugah). Your feet will adjust when you land.
  9. Try not to check any luggage. Traveling lite is a delight! Traveling heavy could be messy.
  10. Use packing cubes and ziploc bags to get the most out of your luggage space.
  11. Ladies: pack smaller purses inside your carry on or personal item.
  12. Bring a just in case pill box: aspirin, alka-seltzer, sinus meds, imodium…..
  13. Arrive to all departures early at least 2 hrs. The airport can be chaotic so be ready to chillax. When time is on your side you are not stressed by long lines or being in the wrong line…
  14. Bring some wet wipes. They have soo many uses.
  15. You are officially living that #JetLife, buy some shades and enjoy some people watching, if you’re a creeper or enjoy being watched by the people if you are a diva/o either way -Enjoy your getaway!



Memories don’t live live like people do. They always come back to you. We’re looking forward to making some great ones with you!

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  1. Love the tips about the water bottle, Crispin loves his water. And I will be downloading the passport app now!

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