6 Hours in Florence

The Tuscany country side is straight up gorgeous and the wine was delicious.  We made a really good decision to just spend a little time in Florence. I say good because I believe we saw everything that we wanted to. I am sure most people would disagree. We had the most romantic 3 course lunch, visited over two dozen leather venders, toured the Doumo (which I do not recommend, seeing it from outside is enough), and picked up some really awesome leather goods at ridiculous prices. We arrived by train from Rome. It was a misty spring day late in April. 20150418_032219[1]Romantic! The train ride itself was a freaking aphrodisiac. The country was so picturesque with herds men tending their sheep, little cottages and farms plotted along the way. Of course my boo was dozing. We went to bed at 3 a.m. and had to get up at 5:30 to pack and be on our train by 8:30 so I understood but my adrenaline and the fact that I have to feel like some type of protector kept me awake for the duration of our trip. That is our hard fast travel rules we cannot both sleep in public -period!

Shop for leather products from family owned businesses. We got a little education when we arrived by a little shop owner20150418_093125[1]



Train from Rome to Florence economy special 2 for 1  on ItaliaRail 38,00 Euro

Leather high-end Travel Bag 120,00 Euro

One unique and high quality hand bag 80,00 Euro

3 Course lunch w/ bottle of wine for two 45,00 Euro

soviners for family 30,00

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