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Two for one’s, We cop the tickets and run.  Catching a midnight flight, pursing dreams of sparkling lights.  Waking to an altered reality. Foreigners in a land, sojourners learning, adapting to new truths, striving to be affluent on a different continent…Time spent alone on the roam far from those comfortable places we called home, but not really though. Reality coasting, perceptions bent, stretching to achieving new understandings. We are coasting onto landing strips. We are Love. We are traveling. We are moving into a new way of living. Striding and straddling, 🙂 We love this game. The taste of new foods and altered moods, under the same moon and yet a different sky; hitting a new groove to life. We seek a deeper truth and a new approach to life. It is the same We, except free.

There are two types of travelers. One desires and escape from their surroundings. They want to relax and float on an oasis of dreams and picturesque landscapes. The other (who we are) want to be immersed in new surroundings, understand and commune with different cultures, and explore the varying depths of humanity…..Traveling is a central value to us. Enjoying life’s adventures to & through sights unseen; getting lost in a mix of languages and places and then finding our way to understanding is something that we both live for and love to do. #TrueValue

It’s by the grace of God that we are able to travel the way we do. Neither of us have high paying jobs but we have learned to leverage what we have to pursue our hearts desires; each other, and foreign escapades. This is not a guide about the right way or best way to travel. This blog is about how we put together the grooves we catch. How and what methods We are currently using to fulfill our dreams of fulfilling our wanders lust. Before I get into the how-tos I should speak on our goals.

What we do:

  • Sincerely enjoy each other company                                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Thoroughly participate with new cultures
  • Live like and among locals as best we can
  • Engage with the locals as much as we can
  • Remain true to our selves and beliefs
  • Display Christ’s love through understanding, and respect


It takes some dividends to pursue these dreams but it is never as much as people expect especially if you plan and use the resources that are available. Our last 10 day #EuropeanVacation was $1500 including tickets on 4 different airlines, 2 train trips, and our room and board. It also takes time, from the 9-5 slave, to research and explore possibilities, and to put together good schemes. Time is your own devil to conquer. Personally I prayed, made some moves in my life to align myself with a lower paying (but rewarding) slave that has the opportunity of flexible time. I didn’t have a master plan but one is surely playing out.


Always a factor and it is always easier with two people filling a pot. We have an international bank account that doesn’t charge transaction fees to access your money. We also keep a reserved credit card that is only used for travel. We deposit into the shared account routinely and ramp it up the closer we get to a journey. The balance of the credit card is kept at zero in anticipation of pouncing of good deals.

Credit Cards: Pray. Speaking of credit cards. I am chasing the Barclay World Elite for the benefits but there are a ton of travel reward cards out there the best ones require excellent credit but there are quite a few that only require “good” credit, have a low APR and no annual fees.

We don’t mess around with anything but miles. We don’t care about redeeming points or hotel stays, all We want is miles. We love to KIS. You do you though your card should match you. Some things remain the same though. It should have a low apr, give you plenty of perks (like no international fees). Shop hard compare APR and Perks and choose carefully. It would be irresponsible for me not to place a couple of education credit pieces here – if you don’t use CreditKarma, whats wrong with you(!)? Its free credit monitoring, it gives you 2 of your 3 credit scores, educational products, and it gives you a lot of resources that you can use. Information is always King. Get an account and check it regularly, please. If you are looking for some additional credit educational pieces here are some credit videos. Credit deserves it’s own entry so stay on the lookout for that. Too much to get into here. so …. This link will take you to some of the more pop travel cards. There is tons of competition out there so really take a long look at the cards benefits, APR, and annual fees to make sure its right for you.

Opportunity: Pray. Our latest trip came by word of mouth. We had a small window of time to respond to an unbelievable offer, 2 round trip tickets from JFK to Milan for the price of one $860!  I cannot stress enough about having some reserves or liquid assets. We found out from fellow wanderers one day that Emerits was having a Valentine Day promotion, 2 for one tickets to Europe, but it was only for 2 more days. We only had two days to capitalize on the information….and we almost didn’t make it. I say all this to say that networking with like-minded people is priceless. My tips for seeking out the opportunity in no particular order are:

  1. Network with other travelers
  2. Get a bunk email account and sign up for contests and travel alerts
  3. Invest some serious time in comparing travel alert sites, they are not all created equal
  4. Dream big and invest your time and effort into bringing them into reality

In Action: We are in a network of people who have a serious wanderlust where we share information back and forth up and down stream. We know people who have been where we want to go, people who are living the way we want to live and we have people who are in the rank-n-file who want to do it the way we are doing it. We talk to everyone we know about our dreams and everyone knows to let us know if they happen upon an opportunity.  We really love interacting with people abroad who are living the lifestyle we want to live. We take advice, we learn the best way to get to where we want to go….like Cuba, and Belize, and living and working abroad professionally…..if you are in the culture you become one with your dreams.

We also….

-routinely patrol International discount travel sites, and international airlines,

-We have dummy emails set up to enter travel drawings and contests.

-We register at travel alert sites to the destinations we want and to go to

-We have boards on  Pinterest where we pin our dreams, suggestions and research ideas….


  • Hipmonk – because it F’n awesome (and it includes Airbnb on its searches for boarding)
  • GoogleFlights – breaks down the dates you asked for and tells you which travel days would be the cheapest
  • Airbnb – hands down best lodging site there is. You have to shop for what you what but with so many options …
  • SkyScanner – The worlds travel site (I find travelocity, priceline, kayak…to all be the same #Tired #outdated)
  • Pinterest – awesome research tool and dream catcher

I would also like to say that we pray constantly, not just for deals and discounts but for safety and to be in His Will. We are blessed people looking to blessed and to boast in our blessings. Straight-up!

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