Merida: Orange Shirt Dribble

IMAG0451Sitting in another bus station. You’re not vacationing until you take that #tripintrip. It seems as if the Mexican bus station is the hotspot in every town. This one is taking us to the Dzitilchaltun ruins…. of course we are at risk of missing the bus we both needed to use the bathroom we agreed that one would go while the other listed out for our bus. Its fun ti listen out for your bus route to be announced in a foreign tongue. Anyway, only one of us got to use it (must it always be ladies 1st ) :-).
We’re boarded. The bus is well worn, wish I would have worn pants. I am playing peek-a-boo  with a little Mayan girl Peek-a-boo who seems fascinated with me. My hair, maybe my funny polka dot looking skin, or maybe the attention I am feeding her who knows. She cant keep from peeking. I believe we are on the right bus we’ll see soon enough. The radio is playing some cool tunes that the driver is blaring (bouncing where I come from or turnt-up in the stream of current vernacular). I am happy that the bus isn’t crowded. A crowded dirty bus would make me itch. I’m digging this adventure within the adventure though. We got word of this possible excursion this morning via our host Isabella. We woke up with an agenda learned about these ruins and fell back to this trips philosophy no obligations. Which meant we were locked into nothing and flexible enough for anything. Isabella told us about the trip and mentioned that the bus that went to these ruins did not make frequent trips. So we left the house determined to see these ruins. Camera 360 Camera 360

This bus has no shocks and its stop and slam on the brakes motion is causing some alarm. Not of an accident but for my teeth that I am paying so much to make over. I think that is so gringo. Everything is related to cost and efficiency.  There was a little pride in that. The efficiency of being me. Bullshit I sell myself. Life is bigger than efficiency. I know this but I like to pretend that all of the time that I have spent finding the shortest highest paying route to happiness is success. There is absolutely nothing spiritually satisfying…. Wow(!) Merida is gorgeous we’re passing through some wonderful urban areas IMAG0470Sleep Bar. I really want to see the housing stock in this area. Currently I havent seen anything remarkable. Ive only see poverty stricken, poor, lower middle class and a plastic city.  Now the little girl is obsessed with Apryl and her head dress. She loves and likes her mom. You see it in her eyes. My youngest son never liked me always loved me never cared for my brashness. He never liked or understood my hard edges. I like that he only understands harness from music and tv.  In his defense my edges cut deep. I draw blood in relationships. Beyond the superficial edges is the heart of a matter. My heart makes my edges worth the effort. My heart is my strength all else are liabilities that must be managed. I feel like my life lessons revolve around managing myself. Management  devastation are my only options.

It just started pouring outside as we are approaching our drop off  destination. I don’t speak what I feel. I love the rain , it adds to our story. Okay we’re off to walk a 1/2 mile in the rain I am probably more excited than I should be…..Rain Walk  rains s
Bus let us off 200 meters from the ruins. Our vacation is one of no commitments. We made it out here on a humble by hearing about something and then hustling ti make it happen. You need a partner for these adventures someone who is also mutable.

Missed bus
Caught a motor taxi in the rain to the town Calhavatal?  Missed our opportunity to catch the 1st van b/c bbg was tossing a piece of refuge in the trash (even though we were standing in wet trash). We needed to rush the van to pack ourselves in by the time we got to the van there wasn’t even standing room. I was slightly taken back but we made a pact -no obligations. Not 5 mins later a larger bus…the same one? W/o the crowding. It seems the bus driver just decided to roll our way. Our stop was not on his route. I’m putting it on God and appreciating his attention. Interesting to note that it wasn’t for the dough. As soon as we hit town the bus was packed and I mean Mexican packed. There were folks standing next to the driver and in all of the doorways. We were squished sitting I  our seats. This was public transportation on a different level.
We arrived back in town to our destination and there was a large crowd converging on an accident….

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