NYE in Cancun

We arrived in Cancun on the 31st of December around 3:40 pm. We didn’t check into our hotel (The Sweet Suite) until 9:40 pm. Nader Hotel & Suites.

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Immediately we were thrust into our little adventure by not knowing the times and procedures for catching the local ADO bus to downtown where our place was located. It was an urban adventure to say the least. After catching our bus (two hours after landing) and backpacking through the city with no WiFi signals, no gps; just a map and a little Spanish to help us find our way to our place. We were oblivious to the adventure that lay before us and oblivious to God’s Grace that surrounded our little escapade. It didn’t matter what the circumstance, whichever way you read it, we were blessed and ignorantly bliss.

New Years Eve and we are out walking along a frenzied market district, dodging congested and erratic traffic as we cross Cancún’s broad streets and darkened alleys until we found our destination at 9:30 pm that evening. While walking we settled on our New Years celebration location. We met an older gentleman  from Detroit (Joe) while we were waiting for our bus. Well we met him and another cool young adventurer making her way throughout Mexico.  Joe invited us over to Isla Mujeres, a small island situated off the coast of Cancún to bring in the New Year. We’d have to catch the ferry from Puerto Juarez to make it to the island. Fireworks at the beach, how could you go wrong? Upon arrival into our room  we got settled, dropped everything and decided we needed some food.


Sanborns: fetching something to eat from a little mom-n-pop joint. We sat down at the counter and waited at least 10min before remembering that service may be a little different in a different country. We were hungry, it was time to flag someone down. Apryl ordered 3 taquitos while we munched on chips. Those taquitos came with the best guacamole we’ve ever tasted!

Alright, time to get ready.We poured ourselves into preparing to go out for the New Year.

Showers. Grooming. Selfies…

IMAG0387 IMAG0383 IMAG0385 

Before long we looked up and it was 11 O’clock! We raced outside, flagged down a cab -bridged our communication gap through our cabbies dispatcher who could speak a little English….we were finally headed to Puerto Juarez.

We arrived to the port at 11:20 it appeared that we were going to make it in time for the fireworks, our midnight kiss, and a little celebrating. I was excited to see all of the boats swaying on the sea. We were poised to take our position aboard one and propel through the sea in the thick of this night…but that is not what happened. As we approached the aged attendant he muffled in a language something that I couldn’t understand through my ears but felt in my heart. I continued our conversation with something that he too didn’t understand with his ears but felt in his heart. We both comprehended the full meaning of our discourse. He was happy to be off of the clock. I was pissed to leave a loser.

We raced back up the doc. We spotted our cabby and climbed in. He was ours now whether he knew it nor not. He mustered a drawled “closed”? I replied “Si hombre, Hotel Zone Senior Frogs por favor”. The Hotel Zone was recommended by someone at the airport but 20 minutes into the drive I could have sworn we were on Rodeo! There was a complete shift in the scenery and the atmosphere. Not to knock the Hotel Zone but we didn’t come to Mexico for a resort style experience nor to party with tourists. Luckily, we were both in unison and asked the cabby to take us back downtown. He saw our disappointment and asked if we liked the “disco”. We could not have grinned wider 🙂 It was 11:45pm and we were happy.

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He led us to a local strip with restaurants, bars and discotecas within walking distance from our digs. He gave his very welcomed opinion, dropped us off, and waved goodbye. Happy New Year man. 

Walking along the strip, the clock struck 12 and we took a pause for the cause. New Years together, year 2, and we are content.

We spotted a joint and went in. Upstairs, open space, plenty of seating, music playing, empty dance floor. Not long after, the dance floor filled up with us in tow.

We enjoyed the rest of the very early morning listening to a one man mariachi performance that flowed into a comedy bit.

Camera 360

Mariachi! Is what he repeated with a robust bravado. One arm bent at the elbow with his finger pointing to God and the other in a half embrace. Mariachi! He would shout between performances and drinking from his (and others) tequila bottles and the crowd always responded with a congratulatory roar. We may not have understood completely what was being said or when to laugh but it was cast as a instantaneous classic memory for us. We were not caught up in the spirit we emanated a thankful, God is gracious, this moment in time is precious/live/unique moment in time Spirit. We left our marks all over the dance floor and vibed with the people of Cancun, MX -all evening long.

Camera 360 Camera 360

Yea, that last one is blurry but probably the best of the batch.

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