Welcome to Our Glass House

The Countdown

Inception…making our way to the beginning of a dream that has already begun. Deep sea diving for more revelation. The dream within the dream~ascending to deeper levels, deeper depths. Seeking to span the full length,breath, height, and depth of what is, I Am.
A countdown to watch our dreams come true in the space of now.
This counter leads to the beginning by taking “The Us” second by millisecond deeper into”The Sequence”. Deeper into The Us. Deeper into the house made of glass. Deeper into the blackness of a night’s sky where scattered paintings of animated surreal clouds hang. Deeper still into the rain-forest where we experience life…and find a beach with a free-roaming German Shepherd that smiles, and then “The Us” morphs to a Cuban paradise with perpetual, insightful, captivating, progressively intimate and revealing conversations that plunge the depths of ever. We spin our webs of bliss all over inverted worlds; upside-down spidey kisses, walks on pixy-dust beaches with friends. The Crimson rains that never fell, jam sessions on foreign stages in new ~Places and Spaces that we, “The 3” can see creation…
This counter is a key, unlatching a divinely kept secret…a beautiful mystery.
Just running around waiting to be found.
           ~The Jester (^_(^__^)_^)

Published by Yarbro

World wide lover of who and what and where, however we can.

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